Node Weekly
February 1, 2018  #223
Conor O'Neill
Clinic helps you investigate and resolve performance issues in your Node apps. The Doctor tool can show you what is wrong and point you to other tools to solve the issue.

Ensuring your npm package works as expected after publishing can be tricky, but Verdaccio lets you run your own local npm registry, making testing easier.

Codeship   Sponsor
Learn how to develop and test a Node.js app with Docker compose and how to further create a CI/CD pipeline for your app using Codeship.


Mark Moffat
A fully-functioning Node-powered e-commerce app that can take payments. Based around Express and MongoDB (psst, we’re launching a MongoDB newsletter soon..)

Node.js repo / Michaël Zasso
So rather than requiring in url and using new url.URL(...), we’ll just be able to go new URL(...). Neat.

Node.js Foundation
The Community Committee takes care of the outward facing, community side of the Node project, helping it to grow and prosper. Here are their plans for 2018.

Nick O'Leary
Node-RED is a mature Node.js-powered visual tool for wiring together IoT systems, sensors, APIs, etc.


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