Node Weekly
February 22, 2018  #226
The npm Blog
npm install can now automatically fix package-lock.json and npm-shrinkwrap.json files that have merge conflicts, there’s also a new npm ci command.

Update: Be careful as a significant issue with 5.7 has been reported where 5.7 is changing filesystem permissions it shouldn't be.

Valeri Karpov
Promise.prototype.finally() will be arriving in ECMAScript (and therefore Node) soon - what can we use it for, and how could we implement a polyfill for the time being?

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Slobodan Stojanović
You’ve probably built an Express app, but what about taking it serverless? Claudia to the rescue.

Owen Kelly
A testing utility for Node modules to help you ensure your app stays performant.

Matteo Collina
A brief 12 minute journey into the world of Node performance, looking at some of the available tools and optimization techniques.

A 20 page mini magazine you can view online or download. Very much aimed at new developers.


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