Node Weekly
March 1, 2018  #227
Alibaba Taobao MidwayJS Team
A new measurable and traceable Node app manager built at Alibaba for spawning, managing and monitoring Node instances with features for monitoring and debugging. GitHub repo.

Ryan Dahl and Bert Belder
From Ryan Dahl (the original inventor of Node.js) and Bert Belder comes a NumPy-like framework for mathematical work that can lean on TensorFlow for performance. Also works in the browser using WebGL.

Node.js Foundation
Not a big release. libuv has been updated, there’s some new extra data for debugging tools to use, and the return value of setImmediate() now has two new methods.

RedisGreen   Sponsor
Learn to run scripts from within your Redis server with a few lines of Lua.


Tomas Trajan
The new npm ci command in npm 5.7.x installs from your lock-file only which makes it a lot faster than npm install.

24 dedicated Node.js contributors from across the world braved the cold weather and met to discuss diagnostics over a 2 day period.

A fun, 20 page mini mag you can view online or download. Very much aimed at new developers.

Jed Richards
npm 5.7 was released last week but introduced a nasty filesystem permissions bug. 5.7.1 resolves this, and the npm team recommend staying with the ‘latest’ release on key systems, rather than ‘next’, to avoid bugs like this.


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