#229 — March 15, 2018

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Node Weekly

Awesome Node: 600+ Packages, Resources and Links — The definitive, categorized list of Node resources and handy links continues to be updated and has passed 600 items.

Sindre Sorhus

Should Node Add WebSocket Support to Core? — Node developers are revisiting the idea of adding WebSocket support as a standard part of the official Node distribution. Show your support (or otherwise).

Myles Borins

New Course: REST & GraphQL API Design in Node.js, v2 — Create an API from the ground up using Node.js, Express and MongoDB. In this course, you'll build a production-ready REST API, and migrate it over to GraphQL.

Frontend Masters sponsor

How You Can Use Environment Variables in Node — What are they? And what are some better ways to handle ‘env’ variables? Burke introduces dotenv, a way to make environment variable management easier, and shows how to use them alongside VS Code.

Burke Holland

How Some Node Projects Address Security Challenges — An introduction to the Node.js Security Roadmap, an online book/set of articles of Node-oriented security ideas and advice.

Mike Samuel

TypeScript Starter 2.0: CLI Tool to Generate New Node Projects — An interactive project generator that sets up a variety of module and tool related defaults (linting, testing) for new Node projects.

Jason Dreyzehner

GraphQL over REST with Node, Heroku, and Apollo Engine — Build and deploy a GraphQL API quickly without rewriting your backend by wrapping REST endpoints using Node and Apollo Server.

Sashko Stubailo

npm 5.8.0(-next.0) Released — Lots of tweaks and improvements mostly from community contributors. Remember that as a ‘next’ release, this is for testing and development use, not to throw into production ASAP.

The npm Blog news

JS Interactive Call for Proposals Open — Want to speak at one of the world’s biggest JS events? Submit a proposal here. It takes place in Vancouver, Canada on October 10-12 and the CFP closes on April 20.

Linux Foundation Events news

A Brief History of DevOps, Part IV: Continuous Delivery and Deployment

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Dawn of the Dead Packages — In short, the npm site’s autosuggestions are.. not great, as old packages can pop up higher than you'd expect.

Roman Nosov opinion

Talks and Screencasts 🎬

▶  An Introduction to Web Page Scraping with Node and Cheerio — 27 minutes.

▶  A Gentle Introduction to Express.js and RESTful APIs — Excellent for beginners. 58 minutes.

▶  How to Control a Tesla Car with Profound.js — 6 minutes.

Jobs 👩‍🔧

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

Find a Job You're Passionate About — Vettery connects you directly to hiring managers at over 4,000 top companies. Make a profile today and land your dream job.


Tools and Code 🔧

Emma: A Command Line Assistant to Find and Install Packages — Uses an Algolia-powered search to find packages.

Matic Zavadlal

The Emma package search tool in action

Wunderbar: Simple Horizontal Bar Charts on the Terminal

Sergey Petushkov

turbo-ws: A 'Blazing Fast' Low-level WebSocket Server — Can support thousands of connections with minimal CPU or memory impact.

Hugo Manrique

Fix JavaScript Bugs Like a Boss 🛠

ROLLBAR sponsor

nan: Native Abstractions for Node — C header files to make cross-version Node add-on development easier.

Node.js Foundation

Discord.js: A Library for Interacting with Discord's APIDiscord is a popular chat service and this will help you build bots or similar tools.

Amish Shah

async-exit-hook: Run Some Code When a Node Process Exits

Tapani Moilanen