#252 — August 23, 2018

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Node Weekly

A Complete Apollo Server with Express and GraphQL Tutorial

A Complete Apollo Server with Express and GraphQL Tutorial — If you’ve wanted to dip a toe into the GraphQL ocean from the server side, this walkthrough is epic (20K words) and covers authentication, roles/permissions, subscriptions, error handling, pagination, and more.

Robin Wieruch

New Features to Help npm Users Protect Themselves — A roundup of the new security features npm, Inc. has been working on in the wake of last month’s security incident. Be sure to use the ‘Report A Vulnerability’ feature of the npm Registry if you encounter one.

The npm Blog

Save Weeks Per Year Fixing Unseen Bugs in Your Node App with Sentry — Relying on users to report errors? Use Sentry to resolve errors right in your workflow. Route alerts to the right person based on the commit and cut remediation time to 5 minutes. Sentry is open source and loved by 500K developers. Sign up for free.

Sentry sponsor

Building a Simple Static Site Generator using Node — Yes, leaning on existing tools like Gatsby or Hugo is the right move most of the time, but what if you have custom needs and an itch to code your own static site generator? You can do so pretty easily.

Victor Parmar

Introducing Ghost 2.0: A Node.js Blogging Platform — A big step forward for a popular Node-based project. 2.0 gains a new editor, multi-language support, custom routes, custom site structures, and more.

John O'Nolan

Cross Compiling Node.js for ARM on Ubuntu — It took him a few hours, but Chris Lea managed to work out how to cross-compile Node for a Raspberry Pi from his more powerful x86 Ubuntu system. Here’s how to do it.

Chris Lea

More Than a Billion Downloads of Node.js — We mentioned this a few issues back, but here are some more stats to dig into.

Node.js Foundation

💻 Jobs

Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With a Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities and job details.


📘 Tutorials

Tips for Writing AWS Lambda Functions in Node 8

Nuatu Tseggai

Webinar: Building Modern Apps with the MERN Stack and Google Cloud Platform — Learn about the two dominant JavaScript stacks: MEAN and MERN and how to implement these web stacks on GCP.

mongodb sponsor

Avoiding Common Hurdles in Unit Testing — Mostly oriented around mocking in tricky situations.

William Riley-Land

Build a Simple REST API with Node and OAuth 2.0 — Explains how to create a REST API using Node, and secure it with OAuth 2.0 to prevent unwarranted requests

Braden Kelley

Build a Project Management Tool with Vue.js, Node.js and Apollo — A multi-part tutorial that uses MongoDB as the underlying database.

Kenzo Takahashi

npm Tip: 'npm pack --dry' Shows What Would End Up In Your Package

Maximilian Antoni on Twitter

Node.js Template Engines: Why Default Encoders/Escaping Are Not Enough

Joe Pelletier (Hailstone)

🔧 Code and Tools

graphqurl: 'curl' for GraphQL — With autocomplete and subscriptions support, you can use it as a CLI or a JavaScript library from your own code.


Monitoring and Distributed Tracing for Node.js Apps. Try Datadog Free

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Getopts: A High-Performance Node CLI Options Parser — Claims to be ‘10x~20x faster’ than alternatives.

Jorge Bucaran

libnpmaccess: Programmatic Access to the `npm access` Command — For managing account 2FA, listing packages and permissions, defining package permissions for users, orgs, and teams, etc.

npm, Inc.

npm 6.4.1 Released

Kat Marchán