#264 — November 15, 2018

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📢 Quick note: We'll be taking a break next week due to Thanksgiving. We'll be back in your inbox on November 29th.
— Peter Cooper, Cooperpress

Faster Async Functions and Promises for V8 — A substantial and easy-to-follow exploration of how async functions and promises in V8 have been optimized (and will be faster in an eventual Node 12) and how the debugging experience for async code has been improved.

Maya Lekova and Benedikt Meurer (V8)

Taking Node.js Anywhere with Environment Variables — A bumper packed guide to environment variables, the roles they play, and how they can be used with your Node apps to make those apps more portable.

John Papa

Redis™ 5.0 on RedisGreen — Featuring the new stream data type for messaging applications, Redis 5.0 is available now.

RedisGreen sponsor

Building Amazon Alexa Skills With Node, Revisited — How to create a skill for Alexa-powered devices using Node and then test it with Mocha and Chai.

Nic Raboy

ZEIT Unveils Version 2.0 of Its 'Now' PlatformNow is a serverless platform originally aimed at Node developers that makes it easy to just push code to a repo and have it running in the cloud. Now 2.0 makes it easy to define numerous API endpoints in a single repo.

Gullermo Rauch, ZEIT, et al.

Serving Millions of Users in Real-Time with Node & Microservices — A brief tale of fixing a bottleneck in a large Node microservices-based app and how it scales up to serving 1000s of requests per second.

Máté Huszárik and Peter Czibik (RisingStack)

Offline PDF Documentation for Node — A handy set of PDFs (weighing in at up to 1080 pages) covering different versions of Node so that you have a complete set of documentation in a single place, if you need it.

Thomas Hunter II

💻 Jobs

Switching from Frontend to Full Stack? Try hackajob — See how much you can earn by using Node.js, average salary £70k, companies apply to you.


Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — We help our developers keep learning and growing every day. Unleash your potential. Work from anywhere. Join X-Team.


📘 Tutorials

Static Properties in JavaScript Classes with Inheritance — A look at a pattern for implementing static properties in ES6.

Valeri Karpov

How to Create a Real-Time App with Socket.io, Angular, & Node

Seth Gwartney

The Easiest Way to Debug Node.js - with VS Code? — A developer makes the case that Microsoft’s VS Code editor provides the best Node debugging experience right now.

Paige Niedringhaus

The Node.js Handbook: A Handy, Detailed Manual — Covers a range of topics, including modules, asynchronous programming, networking and more.

Flavio Copes

▶  N-API: The Next Generation Node.js API is Ready — An up-to-date explanation of N-API, something that will be of interest to you if you’re building native modules.

Michael Dawson, IBM Arunesh Chandra, Microsoft

▶  Getting Started with Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL in Under 5 Minutes

Google Cloud sponsor

Deploying Node Apps with Azure App Services and Docker

Shems Eddine

How to Create and Verify JWTs with Node

Braden Kelley (Okta)

💬 Articles & Opinion

Vim in the Future — A brief look at the past and present of the Vim editor, its good and bad bits, and whether learning it is truly worthwhile.

Emily St

Which of The 635000 npm Modules Do I Choose? — An opinionated list of modules for the most common types of problems.

Corey Cleary

On Migrating from WordPress to a Node-Powered Static Site Generator — This developer has turned a handful of npm modules and 200 lines of Node code into a static site generator that he finds easier to maintain than a full WordPress install.

Thomas Hunter II

🔧 Code and Tools

Janeway: A Node Console REPL with Object Inspection — Has some neat features including being able to look into buffers with a built-in hex viewer.

Jelle De Loecker

Launching a New Product? — Track data once with Segment and send it to the tools you use to measure, test, and grow your product.

Segment sponsor

execa: A Better child_process — A way to run external processes from your Node app. Has a Promise-based interface, allows up to a 10MB max buffer.

Sindre Sorhus

mongoose-pii: Transparently Cipher Stored Personal Information — A Mongoose plugin (a commonly used ODM for Node.js) that lets you transparently cipher stored PII (personally identifiable information) and use securely-hashed passwords.

Delicious Insights

urlite: A Fast, Dependency-Free URL Parser and Formatter


Vue.js, Koa.js and MongoDB Node.js Full Stack App Boilerplate — Authentication, CRUD, and access control included.

Yunhan Li