#272 — January 24, 2019

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Node Weekly

Node v11.7.0 (Current) Released — The latest Node.js release bumps npm up to version 6.5, adds Brotli support, and, intriguingly, exposes workers by default and removes the --experimental-worker flag previously required to enable the feature.

Node.js Foundation

Polydev: Fast Route-Centric Development with Hot Module Replacement — The goal is to get you away from restarting your app over and over as you change dependencies around. Routes get defined in folders that match your URL structure.

Eric Clemmons

New Course: Learn API Design in Node.js — Build REST APIs in Node.js from the ground up. You'll use the popular Express framework and build routes for REST verb methods to retrieve resources you need from MongoDB.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Node Multithreading: What Are Worker Threads and Why Do They Matter? — Since the release of Node 10.5, a new worker_threads module has opened up the possibility of building multi-threaded Node apps. It’s now enabled by default in Node 11.7 (above) so let’s learn what it’s about and how to use it!

Alberto Gimeno

▶  Node.js: The Road to Workers — A talk from last year’s Nordic.js event from core contributor Anna Henningsen who has been instrumental in the development of worker threads. This talk really covers everything you need to know in about 30 minutes.

Anna Henningsen

A Better Way to Develop Node Apps with Docker — If you’re not using Docker yet due to the perceived complexity, this tutorial really boils things down to the absolute basics of what you can do to take advantage of it to build Node apps complete with hot module reloading.

Patrick Lee Scott

💻 Jobs

Sr. Back-End Developer - Node/Mongo/Angular/AWS (Atlanta) — Growing HealthIT startup with modern stack. Major focus on company culture and prof. development. Competitive comp+options.


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📘 Tutorials and Articles

Using Joi for Code Validation On Node and Express CodebasesJoi is a long-standing schema-based object validator for JavaScript.

Christoffer Noring

Digital Transformation with the Node.js DevOps Stack

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Highlights from the Node.js Security Working Group — The Node.js Security WG wants to share highlights of its work more often to increase engagement. Security affects us all so keeping up to date with their work is no bad thing.

Liran Tal

How to Go Serverless with Express.js using Now 2Now is ZEIT’s serverless platform.

Tejas Kumar and Matheus Fernandes

End-to-End Testing with Cypress and Auth0 — Auth0 is a popular, though commercial, authentication platform.

Dan Lourenço

How to Create A REST API with Express.js in Node — It's a perennially popular topic for tutorials, but I always like to see new posts covering the latest or different ways to do elementary things.

Robin Wieruch beginner

🔧 Code and Tools

Release It: Automate The Tedious Tasks of Software Releases — A CLI release tool for Git repos and npm packages that can run tests, bump version, git tagging and pushing, creating a release at GitHub, generate a changelog, and so forth.

Lars Kappert

Video for Serverless: Build Video in Just Two API Calls — Mux Video is an API-first platform, powered by data and designed by video experts to make beautiful video possible for every development team.

Mux sponsor

fnm: A Fast, Alternative Node.js Version Manager, Built in ReasonML

Gal Schlezinger

An Oracle Database Driver for Node.js Maintained by Oracle — Version 3.1 dropped this week with a variety of new features.


node-mongodb-fixtures: Setup and Tear Down Test Fixtures Easily — Can be used from regular Node.js code or as a CLI tool.

Carmine DiMascio