#275 — February 14, 2019

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Node Weekly

Pika/Pack: A New Approach to npm Package Building — Pack connects pre-configured plugins (e.g. Babel and Rollup) to build and optimize your package for you. It’s a bit like a webpack or Parcel but specifically for building npm packages.

Fred K. Schott

Next.js 8 ReleasedNext.js is a popular React-oriented framework for building universal and otherwise server-side apps using React. This new release brings serverless deployment support, several key performance improvements and smaller initial HTML size.

Neutkens, Davis and Ding

Learn a Thing or Two (Or Three) About Building Apps on Slack — Whether you’re new to Slack or an expert app builder, there’s something for everyone at Frontiers. New this year: 3 tracks filled with speakers, sessions and workshops — including one designed just for you. Register today to reserve your spot.

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'The npm package ownership process is flawed..' — If you don’t respond to an email within 30 days, could someone else be added as an owner of your npm package? A weird story, this. Meanwhile, it seems someone may have sold their npm package name to someone else.

Max Irwin on Hacker News

▶  The State of Node.js — Michael Dawson, Node.js’s TSC co-chair, gives a 13 minute ‘state of the union’ of where Node is at release-wise, what new features have arrived since Node 10, and what they’re working on next. (This talk starts at 31:52 if you’re sent to the beginning for some reason.)

Michael Dawson

DeskGap: A Lightweight Alternative to Electron — A new, lighter weight way to build cross-platform desktop apps with Node, HTML and CSS. It’s lighter than Electron as it doesn’t bundle Chromium and instead relies on the operating system’s own webview control.

Chi Wang

💻 Jobs

Sr. Back-End Developer - Node/Mongo/Angular/AWS (Atlanta) — Growing HealthIT startup with modern stack. Major focus on company culture and prof. development. Competitive comp+options.


100+ Node.js and JavaScript Roles on hackajob 🎉 — Upload your GitHub projects and we'll do the rest. Find a role based on your skills, average salary £70k.


📘 Tutorials and Opinions

Processing Large Volumes of Data Safely using Node and Postgres — About designing a Postgres client for Node.js.

Gajus Kuizinas

Back-Off and Retry using Arrays and Promises — If you’re calling third-party services you might need to adhere to rate limits and back off and retry again later if you hit them..

Phil Booth

Boosting JavaScript: from MongoDB's Shell to Node.js — Moving a script from MongoDB’s JavaScript-powered shell to Node.js offers a chance to get to use an enormous range of tools and libraries.

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Instrumenting HTTP Requests in Node

Trevor Livingston

HTML Snapshot Testing with Node — Using Node for snapshot testing of HTML files generated for inclusion in daily report emails.

Jordan Nelson

10 Node Frameworks Worth Checking Out: Express, Loopback, Hapi, & Beyond — A basic run-down but might put some new things on your radar.

Sanjay Ratnottar

🔧 Code and Tools

deploy-to-kube: Deploy Your Node App to Kubernetes with a Single Command — Supports any Kubernetes cluster whether self hosted or on Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean, etc. Or even KubeSail’s free environment.


BundlePhobia: Find The Cost of Adding An npm Package to Your Bundle

Shubham Kanodia

Debug Faster With Context Based Logging

Timber.io sponsor

Redactyl.js: Redact Sensitive Information From JSON for Logging — Love the name of this. Redactyl recursively looks through JSON objects ensuring appropriate things are redacted for logging purposes (e.g. passwords or API keys).

Robert Pisani

Qoa: Minimal Interactive Command-Line Prompts — No dependencies. Supports 7 types of user input control at the terminal.

Klaus Sinani

Smoke: Simple File-Based Mock Server with Recording Abilities — For example, create a file called people.json with a JSON object in it, and it’ll get served up at /api/people.

Yohan Lasorsa

git-history: Quickly Browse the History of any GitHub File — Can be easily run using npx too.

Rodrigo Pombo

role-acl: Role Based Access Control using Actions, Attributes and Conditions — An extension of AccessControl.


Motrix: A Full-Featured Download Manager in Electron — Always neat to see a full open sourced Electron app as there’s often something to learn from it.

Dr Root