#277 — February 28, 2019

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Node Weekly

Package Diff: A Way to diff npm Packages — A tool for displaying visual diffs between published releases of an npm package.

Thomas Hunter II

Zero Server: A 'Zero Configuration' Web Framework — As Parcel was to bundlers, so Zero appears to be to Web frameworks. Zero lets you build an app with Node, React, MDX, and more, without worrying about package management or routing.

Remote Interview, Inc.

Frontiers 2019: Explore New Ways to Build Apps on Slack — Teams move faster with apps on Slack. And, it wouldn’t be possible without the people who built them. Connect with app builders like you, get hands-on training and spark new ideas at Frontiers 2019.

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February 2019 Security Releases Available — New releases of all supported release lines are out today (specifically, 11.10.1, 10.15.2, 8.15.1, and 6.17.90) to fix two 'low' severity vulnerabilities.

Node.js Foundation

The Node.js Benchmarking Working Group: Measuring Performance for a Speedier Node — The Node.js Benchmarking Working Group is dedicated to monitoring Node’s performance and helping in the efforts to improve it. This is only a brief intro to what they do but you’re encouraged to join the effort.

Node.js Foundation

ReDoS Vulnerabilities in npm Spikes by 143% and XSS Continues to Grow — Snyk has done some analysis of vulnerabilities in the npm package ecosystem, and both disclosed regular expression denial of service (ReDoS) and XSS vulnerabilities are on the rise.

Liran Tal

A List of 55 Node.js Meetups — Want to meet up with fellow Node developers? Here’s a list of 55 meetups spanning the globe and you’re encouraged to add your own.

Node.js Foundation

💻 Jobs

Senior Full Stack JavaScript Developer - Atlanta, GA (Full-Time) — Join our talented team building a cloud-based platform that’s helping some of America’s largest companies track things with RFID.

Strategic Systems

UK Tech Jobs? Check Out hackajob — We look at your skills to match you with great companies. They apply to you, salary upfront.


📘 Tutorials and Opinions

Build and Deploy Serverless Apps with Next.js 8 and Zeit Now — You can configure the latest version of Next.js (a universal framework for React commonly used to introduce server-side rendering to React apps) to generate lambdas for each page and work serverlessly.

Praveen Durairaj

The Ultimate Guide to Performance Monitoring in Node.js

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Using Fastify and Preact for Quick Web App Prototyping — Two technologies we haven’t mentioned for quite a while come together here in building a simple full-stack app.

Luciano Mammino

How, in General, Does Node.js Handle 10,000 Concurrent Requests? — A classic Stack Overflow answer that might help you understand how single and multi threaded environments interact.

Stack Overflow

Node.js Task Runners: Are They Right for You? — A look at task runners in Node.js by comparing their philosophical approaches, configuration, and looking at a simpler alternative.

Thomas Hunter II

The Basics of Server-Side Caching in Express.js

Chidume Nnamdi

🔧 Code and Tools

Docker Images of Nightly Node.js Builds — The creator says it best: “Obviously not to be used in production but great for testing: know in advance what will break and plan support for future releases of Node.js early.”

Vladimir de Turckheim

Video for Node.js with Mux — Easily build beautiful video experiences into your Node app with our SDK.

Mux sponsor

npmf: Fetch Quick Info of an npm Pacakge from the Terminal — If you want to try it quickly, just run npx npmf lodash, for example. Or even npx npmf npmf if you want to get all meta :-)

Rousan Ali

Play.js: A Node and React Native IDE for iPhone and iPad — It’s on the iOS App Store and costs a few dollars.

nakiostudio s.l.

ms: Tiny Millisecond Conversion Utility — For example: ms('2 days') returns 172800000, and ms(60000) returns 1m.


wait-for-localhost: Waits for A Port on localhost to Be Ready

Sindre Sorhus

he: A Robust HTML Entity Encoder/Decoder

Mathias Bynens