#290 — May 30, 2019

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Node Weekly

▶  Celebrating Node.js Turning 10 Years Old — Not a lot to see here, but the Node.js project is ten years old this week, and a few people have been celebrating on Twitter and, as here, on YouTube. Here’s to ten more!


Verdaccio 4 Released: A Private npm Registry and Cache — If you need your own private package manager (which works with npm and Yarn) for hosting your own packages or caching those proxies from elsewhere, look no further. GitHub repo.


Automate Domains, DNS, and SSL Certificates Via DNSimple API — The DNSimple API Node client takes domain automation to the next level. Register domains, manage and monitor DNS records, issue free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates, and get Webhooks for event notifications. Get started with our 3 part mini course.

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PM2 Causes CI Builds to Fail Due to Broken Download Tracking DependencyPM2 is a popular process manager for Node-based servers but a broken download of a dependency (which is only in place for download tracking purposes and to produce this neat visualization) caused serious issues last week.

Luke Jackson on Twitter

Node v10.16.0 (LTS) Released — A minor update to the production LTS branch, mostly oriented around dependency updates (libuv, Unicode, npm, OpenSSL), but zlib also gets Brotli support.

Bethany Nicolle Griggs (Node.js Foundation)

FunctionScript: Turn Node Functions into Typed HTTP APIs — A specification that allows Node functions to be seamlessly exported as HTTP APIs by defining what the HTTP interface will look like and how it behaves in the preceding comment block. Currently oriented around the Standard Library platform but has potential for broader use.


💻 Jobs

Find a Node Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📚 Tutorials

Building a Radio Streaming Alexa Skill with the Alexa Skills Kit — Streaming audio is one of the biggest use cases for something like the Amazon Echo, but we rarely see tutorials on doing it for ourselves. This, then, is very welcome.

Yi Ai

▶  Building a Live Chat App with Hooks, Context, WebSockets and Material UI — A well put together 50 minute hands-on coding session.

Code Drip

WAFL: A Scalable MVP Alternative — WAFL stands for “Well Architected, Functionally Limited.” The idea is to create (or recreate) the basic functionality of a project in a codebase that can scale.

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The 80/20 Guide to JSON.stringify in JavaScriptJSON.stringify converts objects to JSON and it’s used in lots of places. Here’s a brief look at how it’s used and some of the errors it can throw.

Valeri Karpov

▶  Private Package Development with npm Orgs — A look at a (paid) feature npm Inc. offer for collaborating on packages within a team.

The npm Blog

🛠 Code and Tools

Trash: Move Files and Directories to the Trash — Rather than deleting files outright (e.g. unlink), this moves them to the ‘trashcan’ equivalent on Windows, Linux, and macOS. The latest version adds support for long paths on Windows.

Sindre Sorhus

ts-node: TypeScript Execution and a REPL for Node


New to Kubernetes? See How to Provision a Managed Cluster in Minutes

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node-bluetooth-serial-port: Serial I/O over Bluetooth from Node — A very old package but which has just had a minor update.


graphql-user: Reusable Utility Methods for GraphQL Authentication


Tedious: A TDS Module for Connecting to SQL Server Databases — If you want to speak TDS (Tabular Data Stream), the protocol used to interact with Microsoft’s SQL Server, this is for you.

Mike D Pilsbury

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