#304 — September 5, 2019

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Node Weekly

npm Inc Planning a Way to Support Open Source Maintainers More — Last week we linked to a recap of a recent funding experiment involving showing text ads during the installation of npm packages. npm Inc subsequently moved to ban such ads, and has now laid out their intention to launch an open source funding platform by the end of the year.

The npm Blog

A Security Expert's POV on Node Dependency Management — Nearly all of the packages in the npm repository are safe to use, but.. you can never be too careful. This post takes “an application security expert’s point of view” over what practices you should be adopting on your own projects.

Adam Baldwin (npm, Inc.)

The DevOps Perspective on Database Coexistence — Whether you're in DevOps, development, or database administration, download the full SQL Migration whitepaper for free, from Studio 3T.

Studio 3T sponsor

Node v12.10.0 (Current) Released — Another week, another release, and it’s not a big one. npm has been upgraded to 6.10.3, fs.rmdir has gained an option to delete directories recursively, and net can now read data into static buffers.

Node.js Foundation

Mastering Node Version Management and npm Registry Sources Like A Pro — How to make it easier to switch between different Node versions and different npm registries when working in a development environment.

Liran Tal and Juan Picado

💻 Jobs

Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers. Work from anywhere with the world's leading brands.


Find a Node job through Vettery — Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers.


📚 Articles and Tutorials

How to CI/CD a Node App Using GitHub ActionsGitHub Actions, still in beta, is a service for automating ‘software workflows’ such as CI/CD, deployment, releases, etc. Here’s a look at using it with a Node app.

Abhinav Dhasmana

How to Create a Custom Node REPL Quickly — Using the repl module.

Stefan Judis

Simplifying Your CI/CD Build Pipeline to GKE with CircleCI Orbs — Orbs enable you to share, standardize, and simplify configurations across your projects. See them used to deploy to GKE.

CircleCI sponsor

Image Processing using the Jimp LibraryJimp is an image processing library written entirely in JavaScript with no external dependencies.

Gautam Sharma

Dynamically Generating SQL Queries in Node — The author of Stop using Knex.js thinks using SQL query building libraries is an anti-pattern, but what’s the alternative? This, perhaps.

Gajus Kuizinas

Build a Slack Polling App with Airtable, Standard Library, and Node

Steve Meyer

How to Take Both Light and Dark Mode Screenshots with Puppeteer — If you’re using Puppeteer as part of a testing or screenshotting process, did you know you can specify whether or not dark mode CSS rules should be respected or not?

Bram van Damme

What I Like About Eleventy — Praise for the Node.js-based static site generator.

Dave Rupert

Build a JS Interpreter in JavaScript Using Acorn as a Parser

Chidume Nnamdi

🛠 Code and Tools

hashids.js 2.0: A Small Library to Generate YouTube-esque IDs from Numbers — If you don’t want to expose numeric IDs to end users, this is an interesting option. It can encode (not encrypt) arrays of numbers, hex values (such as MongoDB object IDs), normal integers, and more.

Bazyli Brzóska

npm 6.11.3 Released — A minor release that fixes some npm ci regressions.

The npm Blog

Webinar: Node.js and Serverless - An Evolving Space, Gaps and Benefits

NodeSource sponsor

SpaceTime: A Timezone Library with No Dependencies — Supports daylight savings, leap years, and hemispheres, and lets you calculate times in different timezones.

Spencer Kelly

Camaro: A High Performance XML to JSON Converter — Uses bindings to pugixml, a fast C++ XML parser. If you want to play, there’s a demo on CodeSandbox.

Tuan Anh Tran

Ackee: Node.js-Based Self-Hosted Website Analytics — A self-hosted Web analytics tool for “those who care about privacy.”

Tobias Reich

eslint-plugin-node: Additional ESLint Rules for Node — The latest release supports BigInt and Dynamic Imports for ESLint 6.2.0+ users.

Toru Nagashima

MALI: A Minimalistic GRPC Microservice Framework for Node