#307 — September 26, 2019

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Node Weekly

Node v12.11.0 (Current) Released: Worker Threads Go Stable — The underlying V8 engine has been updated to version 7.7 which results in some performance improvements and locale-aware support for number formatting with Intl.NumberFormat. The worker_threads module is now considered stable, too.

Node.js Foundation

npm, Inc. CEO Resigns, New CEO Sought — Bryan Bogensberger, the CEO of npm, Inc., has resigned ‘effective immediately’ and the search is on for his replacement. This follows what could generously be called a ‘turbulent’ time for the company that runs the main npm repo. Let’s wish them best of luck for the future.

npm, Inc

Simplify Event Tracking with a Single API — Integrate 250+ tools with the flip of a switch. Power your entire tech stack with the same data. Segment is all you need — in one tool.

Segment sponsor

Working with GitHub Actions — GitHub Actions are still in beta and are changing quickly. But if you are looking to get started the possibilities are endless.

Jeff Rafter

V8 Adding Support for Top Level await — This is only a link to a git commit but basically support for top level await is being added to V8 (and therefore a future version of Node). Node already supports this via the --experimental-repl-await option, but this should make it mainstream.

V8 Repo

💻 Jobs

Senior Node.js with Big Developer Energy Wanted (London, UK) — What if you could have that can-do start-up energy in an established company that deals with the likes of Pepsi, Coke, Boeing, and Rolls Royce?


Find a Node job through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📚 Articles and Tutorials

How to Collect, Customize, and Centralize Node Logs — Covers some best practices for collecting and customizing logs from your apps.

Mallory Mooney (Datadog)

Browse and Edit Your MongoDB Data from Your Browser with HumongouS.io — HumongouS.io is a no-code, online GUI for MongoDB. It's the perfect tool to create your next project's admin interface.

HumongouS.io sponsor

Moving Beyond console.log() — 8 Methods You Should Use When Debugging — Includes console.assert, console.count, console.group and two timing methods.

Marco Antonio Ghiani

▶  Deploying a Node App with PM2, NGINX, and Let's Encrypt SSL — A good walkthrough. Uses Digital Ocean for the VPS but you could use other providers (EC2, Linode, etc.)


▶  Building a Webapp to Do Optical Character Recognition — A very accessible 30 minute tutorial walking through building a simple Node-based webapp that can do OCR on images and convert them into PDFs with selectable text.


How to Quickly Implement Customer Managed Keys

IronCore Labs sponsor

Lessons from Building Node Apps in Docker

John Lees-Miller

🛠 Code and Tools

Ava 2.4: The Popular JavaScript Test Runner — There’s a new (experimental) try assertion that lets you “perform assertions and decide whether to commit or discard their outcome”.


Serve: Static File Serving and Directory Listing — It’s a simple task, but it’s slick. A new release today adds support for manual SSL certs and keys.


OpenCV4NodeJS 5.3: Node Bindings to OpenCV 3 and OpenCV 4OpenCV is a popular real-time computer vision library.

Vincent Mühler

node-telnet-client: A Simple Telnet Client Library for Node

Mario Kozjak