#309 — October 10, 2019

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It's a pretty quiet week, so we're opening with a fun item :-) Remember to hit reply and send in your own projects for inclusion in future issues though!

Node Weekly

ascii-themes: A Node CLI Interface to Generate VSCode Themed ASCII Art — You have to fiddle a bit but the output from this is pretty neat if you like that console-based look.

Alex Lakatos

Introducing Create Next App — Create Next App sets up a modern React application powered by Next.js in one command. Next.js has a great ecosystem with lots of extensions and is an ideal way to play with React in a universal fashion. Also, Next.js 9.1 just came out too.

Joe Haddad and Tim Neutkens

The Easiest Way to Run Redis — Better monitoring, seamless scaling, durable and portable Redis hosting supporting all the latest features.

RedisGreen sponsor

Creating Custom JavaScript Syntax with Babel — Wow, this is cool. An introduction to forking Babel and creating your own custom JavaScript syntax.

Tan Li Hau

Build Your Own Web Analytics Dashboard with Node — If you find Google Analytics needs more personality and customizability, here’s how to build your own web analytics dashboard with Node and the Google Analytics API.

Jon Corbin

OpenJS Foundation Welcomes First Incubating Project: Node Version Manager (nvm) — nvm will be the first project to enter the OpenJS Foundation, which formed in March of 2019 by the merger of the JS Foundation and the Node.js Foundation.

Rachel Romoff

💻 Jobs

It’s Not Rocket Science . . . or Is It? — Our client is looking for a programmer with out-of-this-world skills and an attention to detail that would make NASA sit up and take notice.


Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📚 Articles and Tutorials

Build a Dependency Graph Profiler in JavaScript — Sadly the code is just giant screenshots, but it’s neat to see an approach to doing this.

Chidume Nnamdi

Creating a Full-Text Search System with Node and Elasticsearch — A walkthrough of creating an API that can do full text search. Also covers running Elasticsearch under Docker to keep things simple.

Michele Riva

How to Migrate Node-Based AWS Lambda Functions to OpenFaaS — If you want to run your AWS Lambda functions on your own infrastructure, for example.. (OpenFaaS is a system for running a serverless functions system on top of Kubernetes.)

Ruan Bekker

How CircleCI Processes Over 30 Million Builds Per Month — This is our stack today. Our future stack will change to meet our user’s demand for solutions to more complex problems.

CircleCi sponsor

Mongoose Design Pattern: Store What You Query For — One for you Mongoose/MongoDB users.

Valeri Karpov

All the Most Useful git Commands Showed Off in a Single Script — There’s a lot to digest here.

Dvir Volk

Why You Should Use package-lock.json

Kostas Bariotis

🛠 Code and Tools

Nock: HTTP Server Mocking and Expectations Library — Let’s say you’re creating a client library that uses HTTP to hit a third party service.. Nock will let you test it in isolation by mocking requests/responses.


is-website-vulnerable: Finds Publicly Known Vulnerabilities in a Site's Frontend JavaScript Libraries — This is a really neat tool, especially as npx lets you run it right now as simply as npx is-website-vulnerable http://..... Give it a try on your own site.

Liran Tal

CLI Flags in Practice + How to Make Your Own CLI Command with oclif

Heroku sponsor

s3st: Stream Multiple S3 Objects to Your Terminal — A command line utility to stream data from multiple S3 objects directly into your terminal. Ideal if you’re storing logs on S3 and want to grep them, perhaps.

Luciano Mammino

Node v8.16.2 (LTS) Released — A minor security update of Node 8 to upgrade OpenSSL.

Node.js Foundation

npm 6.12.0 Released — Now npm ci runs prepare scripts for git dependencies and respects the --no-optional flag.

The npm Blog