#311 — October 24, 2019

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Node Weekly

Node v13.0.0 (Current) Released — If you like living on the edge, here’s the newest version of Node for you. There’s lots of (relatively) minor points to enjoy, including:

  • V8 7.8 is now used which brings a lot of performance improvements, faster object destructuring, and faster regex match failures.
  • Full ICU is included in the release so all supported locales are now included.
  • Numerous new deprecations or warnings for poor practices.
  • The legacy HTTP parser has been removed and can’t be accessed via a flag.
Also, 13.0.1 is out with a bug fix.

Node.js Foundation

The OpenJS Foundation Launches Two Node.js Certifications — Two certification programs JSNAD (for app developers) and JSNSD (for service developers) built in partnership with NearForm and NodeSource are available. The pricing has come under question, but they’re looking at ways to improve this.

Rachel Romoff

Track Node.js Performance Metrics with In-Depth App Monitoring — Visualize and analyze Node.js performance with Datadog’s drag-and-drop interactive dashboards and the Service Map. With the real-time performance data from you Node apps, you can fix bottlenecks fast. Try it free.

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Node 12.13.0 (LTS) Released: Node 12 Goes LTS — I’m starting to feel old. I remember when Node 12 was just a baby (to be fair, it was only 6 months ago) and now it’s already become the active Long Term Support (LTS) version of Node and will remain so until October 2020.

Node.js Foundation

Electron 7.0 Released — Another major release for the popular cross platform desktop app platform that uses Node in the back-end. 7.0 brings Electron up to Chrome 78, V8 7.8, and Node 12.8.1 standards, and there’s a new nativeTheme API for working with changes to the OS’s theming/color scheme.

Electron Team

10 Years of Node with Gireesh Punathil of IBM — Gireesh Punathil, a Node.js TSC member, reflects on how far the Node project has come in the past decade, explores the latest Node developments, and showcases the broader importance and impact of the technology.

James Snell

💻 Jobs

Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Work with the world's leading brands, from anywhere. Travel the world while being part of the most energizing community of developers.


Have You Tried Vettery? — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📚 Articles and Tutorials

▶  Docker Best Practices for Node Developers — Filmed at DockerCon 2019. A lot of useful advice in here if you’re putting Node apps into Docker containers. Here’s a repo of the notes and code related to the talk.

Brett Fisher

Using npm link for Package Developmentnpm link lets you bring in packages from anywhere on the filesystem into your project on a temporary basis.

Andy Desmarais

Deep Dive into Node.js Data Brokering with Hey Node — Move data with a thin proxy API, ETL pipeline, and message queue. Bite-sized, info-packed tutorials with use cases.

Hey Node by Osio Labs sponsor

Formatting JavaScript Dates with Moment.js

Valeri Karpov

How to Use Firebase Auth with a Custom Node Backend

Daniel Peach

5 Common Node Mistakes When Using AWS Lambda

Yan Cui

How to Build Command-Line 'Spinners' in Node

Chidume Nnamdi

🛠 Code and Tools

Convert cURL Commands to Node.js Code — Uses the request library. It also supports Python, PHP, Go, and other languages.

Nick Carneiro

Node v10.17.0 (LTS) Released — Node 12 may have taken the ‘Active LTS’ torch this week, but Node 10 continues to be ‘active’ too and will eventually enter a maintenance phase ending in April 2021.

Node.js Foundation

The Art of PostgreSQL: A Book to Learn How to Best Use SQL from Your Node App

The Art of PostgreSQL sponsor

benny: A Modern, Simple Benchmarking Framework for JS/TS Libs — Benny builds on top of the benchmark package with an improved API for benchmarking both synchronous and async code, setup and selection of cases, saving results in various formats, and more.

Maciej Cąderek

ws 7.2: A Fast & Throughly Tested WebSocket Client & Server for Node

Einar Otto Stangvik

Emitterly: Create Triggers From File Streams — A command line program for listening to file changes on the file system.


middy: A 'Stylish' Node Middleware Engine for AWS Lambda — Bringing Express-style middleware to the serverless experience.


Campkit: A Framework for Building Node.js Microservices Faster