#314 — November 14, 2019

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Node Weekly

Linkinator: A Tool That Finds Your Site's Broken Links — Both a Node API and CLI tool that can be used to crawl a site and validate links. You can run it as easily as npx linkinator https://example.com/ right now if you want to try it out.

Justin Beckwith

"We Just Unflagged ESM in Node.js" — Two weeks ago we noted that the Node modules team had reached a consensus on unflagging ES Module support in Node and now it’s finally happening. Watch this space for Node 13.. due sometime in the next week.

Myles Borins on Twitter

Node.js Learning Path: Build Web APIs and Apps — Join both Scott Moss and Jem Young on this learning path to discover how to deploy Node-powered apps and design and build APIs in Node from the ground up.

Frontend Masters sponsor

pm2 4.2 Released: The Node Production Process Manager — A very mature and widely used process manager that includes a load balancer for keeping Node apps alive forever and to reload them without downtime.

Alexandre Strzelewicz

What's New in npm 6.13.0 — One of npm's developers writes about his experience working on his first release of the popular package manager and two new features available within it (improved docs and npm fund – something worth investigating if you want to signal that your own npm packages are seeking sponsorship/funding).

Ruy Adorno

NodeBB: Node-Based Forum Software for the Modern Web — Oddly we’ve never featured NodeBB (a GPLv3-licensed forum system) before, though it’s been around for years and is now a stable and mature platform. The first new release in months just came out.


💻 Jobs

Software Developer - Ruby — Join our team and help to realize international cloud-native software projects based on Ruby on Rails.


Find a Job Through Vettery — Make a profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers. Vettery is completely free for job seekers.


📚 Articles and Tutorials

Handling Errors in Express.js Apps“Today, I want to share everything I know about handling errors in an Express app.”

Zell Liew

The Easiest Way to Use MongDB? It’s Studio 3T. Try It Today — Code translation in a click? Easy SQL to MongoDB Migration? We’ve got it - and more. Get your 30-day trial today to see.

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How to Publish Your App and Not Your Source Code — This is an interesting (if sneaky) ‘trick’. Some hosting platforms let you host functions for free but demand your code is publicly available. A workaround? Encrypt your code and store the key in a secret. We’ll let you judge how viable this is long term.

Ilya Kaminsky

▶  How to Publish an NPM Package in 7 Minutes — Well, the video is 7 minutes long, it might take you slightly longer to follow along :-)

Hays Stanford

Generating PDFs with Node — A look at three different options.

Noah Heinrich

The Basics of a TypeScript Setup for Node.js with VS Code


🛠 Code and Tools

Pipedream: A Serverless Integration Platform based on Node.js — The idea is that you deploy event-driven workflows which essentially join services together. Think a more developer-oriented alternative to Zapier.


Botpress: A Chat Bot / Conversational Framework for Node — YouTube is a good source of tutorial videos for using it.


The Art of PostgreSQL: A Book to Learn How to Best Use SQL from Your Node App

The Art of PostgreSQL sponsor

Ajv: A Fast JSON Schema Validator — Supports v5, v6, and v7 proposals and claims to be both the fastest validator for both Node and browser.

Evgeny Poberezkin

basic-ftp: A Simple FTP/FTPS Client Library for Node — Supports explicit FTPS over TLS, Passive Mode over IPv6, has a Promise-based API, and offers methods to operate on whole directories.

Patrick Juchli

Xmysql: Turns a MySQL Database into a REST API