#339 — May 21, 2020

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A really quiet week but we've made it 😄 With that said, if you have any projects or articles you want to submit (or even if you have an article idea you'd like us to commission), hit reply and let us know :-)

Node Weekly

Node v14.3.0 (Current) Released — Two key things this time around that you might like:

  • The REPL now shows previewed results for autocompleted input (rather than the actual input so far).
  • You can use await outside of async functions in ES modules (only) if you use the --experimental-top-level-await flag.

Shelley Vohr

The npm v7 Series: An Arborist Deep Dive — Isaac Schlueter is back, as promised, taking a serious deep dive into npm v7. This time, he explains how the Arborist dependency tree (or, rather, graph) manager works.

The npm Blog

Continuous Deployment of Node Apps to Heroku — Learn how to continuously deploy a Node.js application to Heroku, one of the most popular hosting platforms.

CircleCI sponsor

Electron 9.0.0 Released — The popular cross platform desktop app framework gets more dependency bumps and is now running on Chromium 83, V8 8.3, and Node.js 12.14. There’s an integrated PDF viewer now, if you need that.

GitHub Inc.

ts_ci: A Template for Creating and Publishing TypeScript Modules with GitHub Actions — A template repo for automating ‘boring and tedious’ tasks like setting up TypeScript, creating a README.md and CHANGELOG, testing on multiple Node versions, and the actual publishing on npm bit.

Garrone Joseph

A Fake U.S. Dept of Treasury Email Containing Node.js Malware — This is one of the weirder places we’ve seen Node shoehorned in. Open up a JAR file in an affected email and it downloads Node and compromises the machine.

Lawrence Abrams

💻 Jobs

Find a Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join X-Team and work on projects for companies like Riot Games, FOX, Coinbase, and more. Work from anywhere.


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📚 Articles & Opinions

Interview With Node.js Technical Steering Committee Chair — A chat with Michael Dawson, an active contributor to the Node project, chair of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee(TSC), and IBM Node.js community lead.


Using Lambda@Edge for Server-Side Rendering

Mohamed Elfiky

Git Best Practices for SOC 2 Compliance Quick Wins — Get quick wins for your SOC 2 compliance audit, and raise developer productivity at the same time.

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▶  Learn Node.js Before Deno — A ten-minute look at Deno, some common concerns with the new runtime, and why you’d want to know Node before jumping into Deno anyway.

Ben Awad

🛠 Tools, Resources and Libraries

RxXpress: An Experimental Blend of RxJS and Express — This is solely an experiment for now, but it’s interesting to bring reactive programming concepts into this domain. These examples illustrate the idea.

Eugene Ghanizadeh

TestCafé: A Tool to Automate End-to-End Web Testing — Cross-platform and simple to install. Supports all the latest JS features, there are lots of useful plugins or you can make your own. A commercial extension adds things like a visual test recorder. GitHub repo.

Developer Express Inc.

low.js 1.5: It's Node, But for Microcontrollers — Now a pretty mature project, low.js is a port of Node aimed at restricted environments like microcontrollers and IoT applications.


Puppeteer 3.1: The Headless Chrome Node.js API — If you noticed Puppeteer not working on Node 14, it’s all fixed now. Puppeteer now also uses Chromium 83 under the hood. There’s also a (very) experimental API for supporting custom selector engines (more details on this).


New Integration: PostgreSQL Instrumented for Node.js

AppSignal sponsor

Cac: A Framework for Building Command-Line Apps — This project is years old, and the interesting part is that it now supports Deno while remaining a Node project.


Simple Git 2.5: A Lightweight Interface for Running Git Commands in Node Apps — We first linked this a year ago but it’s seen a lot of updates since then.

Steve King

ws 7.3: A Fast and Throughly Tested WebSocket Client and Server for Node

Einar Otto Stangvik

🕰 ICYMI (Some older stuff that's worth checking out...)