#351 — August 13, 2020

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Node Weekly

Node and the Struggles of Being an EventTarget — Node has increasingly been adopting standard browser application programming interfaces (APIs), such as the WHATWG-compliant URL implementation, and, most recently, EventTarget, the DOM interface for firing events. This post digs into the how and why.

Anna Henningsen

Node v14.8.0 (Current) Released with Top Level Await Support — Last week we mentioned the unflagging of top level await support and now it’s in an actual release :-)


Find, Fix, and Prevent Misconfigs in AWS, K8s, and Terraform — Automatically find and fix misconfigurations in AWS, Terraform, and Kubernetes in both run-time and build-time. Integrate Bridgecrew with your repos and CI/CD pipeline to prevent cloud security issues from being deployed. Sign up for free.

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Take the Node.js Promise Reject Use Case Survey — Currently, Node handles unhandled rejections by emitting a deprecation warning to stderr, but the Node team are considering removing this warning and want to hear your experiences while working it out. This post explains the issue, or you can take the survey here.

Node.js Team

Scheduling Cron Jobs with node-cron — Create and manage cron-style scheduled tasks from within your Node app.

Sabin Adams

⚡️ Quick bytes:

  • The Node.js team are working on redesigning the main Node site – here's a brief Twitter thread with some behind the scenes details and a request for help.

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Find a Job Through Vettery — Use Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


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📗 Tutorials

How to Debug Node Segmentation Faults — Your code isn’t just crashing or failing, it’s segfaulting.. and that’s never good. Here are some initial pointers on resolving the situation.

Tim Perry

How to Stream File Downloads with GotGot is an HTTP request library with both promise and stream based APIs and this post demonstrates using the latter to download files.

Phil Nash

The Node.js Security Handbook — Improve the security of your Node.js app with the Node.js security handbook made for developers.

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Using Node Modules in Deno — Ada calls this ‘a bad practice’ but notes that ‘sometimes there is no alternative’ especially considering how huge the npm ecosystem is compared to Deno’s nascent one.

Ada Rose Cannon

Shifting from Express.js to Azure Functions — Learn to refactor Express.js endpoints to Azure Functions and what areas are affected when going serverless.

Craig Shoemaker (Microsoft)

Async Generators and Async Iteration in Node.js

Alan Storm

🛠 Tools, Resources and Libraries

Postgraphile: Quickly Get a GraphQL API for Your Postgres Database — Work on v5 of this popular tool in underway, but meanwhile we get a 4.8 release which supports ‘enum tables’ and all of Postgres’s built-in geometric types.


Kleur 4.1: Fast ANSI Color Formatting for Terminal Text — Has a nice API, supports nested and chained colors, printf-style formatting, and claims to be the fastest such library, too. 4.1 adds support for the NO_COLOR standard.

Luke Edwards

JavaScript Developers Can Access Your Legacy C/C++ Code. Let’s Talk

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Middy 1.2: A 'Stylish' Node Middleware Engine for AWS Lambda — Bringing Express-style middleware to the serverless experience.


Hackathon Starter: A Boilerplate for Node Web Apps — A boilerplate for when you want to start building a Node app quickly (such as at a hackathon) as it includes almost everything you’d need.

Sahat Yalkabov

setup-node: Set Up Your GitHub Actions Workflow with Specific Versions of Node

GitHub Actions Team

MQTT.js: An MQTT Client for Node and the BrowserMQTT is a messaging protocol commonly associated with IoT.


crypto-hash: A Hashing Module Using the Native Crypto API in Node and Browser — Get the same hashing API in both environments. Uses the crypto module on Node and window.crypto in the browser.

Sindre Sorhus