#357 — September 24, 2020

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The amount of blogging in the Node space seems to quite low lately and we'd love more things to link to, so if you write a Node related article, tutorial, or even an opinion piece, be sure to hit reply and let us know! 😁

Node Weekly

11 Top Node ORMs, Query Builders and Database Libraries in 2020 — Choosing an ORM or query builder for your app can be daunting, but this roundup from the folks at Prisma really goes into some depth on the most popular options including Mongoose, Knex.js, Sequelize and, yes, Prisma (so take the bias into account).


The Default Behavior of Unhandled Rejections to Change — One thing that’s potentially on the cards for Node 15 (see below) is that unless rejections are handled, they turn (or ‘blow up’, dare I say) into thrown exceptions. So if you ever cop out on handling rejections, it might be time to make this best practice a core part of your Node repertoire!

Colin Ihrig on Twitter

Scout APM - A Developer’s Best Friend — Scout’s intuitive UI helps you quickly track down issues so you can get back to building your product. Rest easy knowing that Scout is tracking your apps performance and hunting down small issues before they become large issues. Get started for free.

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Node 15.0 Release Candidate Zero — This is only for those of you who like to live on the edge. There’s not even an official blog post. The final Node 15 release is expected next month and we’ll cover it more as it approaches.

Node.js Project

tinyhttp 0.4: A Lightweight and Modular Express-Like Web Framework — Written in TypeScript and claims to be faster than Express but with full Express middleware support. GitHub repo and 0.4 release notes.

Paul Losev

Node v14.12.0 (Current) Released — Just a single release this week and not for security reasons. No new features either, just an update to uvwasi 0.0.11 (a WebAssembly system call API) and N-API to version 7.

Ruy Adorno

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Find a Job Through Vettery — Create a profile on Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


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📗 Tutorials and Stories

Pretty JSON.stringify() Output in JavaScript — When you need to convert JavaScript objects to JSON, you’ll probably encounter JSON.stringify() but can its output be made more readable as may be beneficial in logging or debugging situations? Yes.

Valeri Karpov

VS Code Tips for Power Users — I remember when Vim tutorials were all the rage, but now it’s Visual Studio Code, so here are some tips and techniques to help you make the most of it.

Boris Yordanov

When the Bits Hit the Fan: AppSignal — AppSignal provides insights into errors, performance, servers and more - all in one clear and intuitive interface.

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From PM2 to Docker: Handling Automatic Restarts

Maxim Orlov

🛠 Tools, Resources and Libraries

Shoulders: Quickly View A List of Your Dependencies' Open Issues — Quickly view a list of open issues for the open-source packages that your project depends on. You don’t even need to install it: npx shoulders will do the job.

Matt Swensen

Kafka.js 1.14.0: A Modern Apache Kafka Client — Production ready and supports Kafka 0.10+. (Kafka is a popular open source system for working with stream-processing at scale.)

Túlio Ornelas

hot-shots: A Node Client for StatsD, DogStatsD, and Telegraf — Basically a turbo-charged fork of node-statsd.


Serverless Headless CMS - OpenSource, Powered by React & Node

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ffmpeg.wasm: FFmpeg for Browser and Node, Powered by WebAssembly — Brings the power of the popular multimedia transformation tool to some new places, though it’s rather experimental as you can probably appreciate.


Graffiti: A Minimalistic GraphQL Framework — The file-system is the main API. Every .js file becomes a schema definition that gets automatically processed and converted to GraphQL API.

Tim Ermilov

react-nil: A React 'Null Renderer' — An interesting experiment to use React in situations where you don’t need it to render anything, but you want to use hooks, suspense, context, and other bits of the React ecosystem. Like in, say, a Node app. Maybe this CodeSandbox example will provoke some thoughts.