#379 — March 11, 2021

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Node Weekly

The Death of a Node.js Process — Writing code to do stuff is fun, but do you ever think about what happens when your creation is either ready to terminate or gets cut off in its prime? Thomas looks at some different ways Node processes can terminate and how to keep it as clean as possible.

Thomas Hunter II

Electron 12.0.0 Released — Despite some upstart alternatives like Neutralino and Tauri, Electron remains the biggest cheese in the ‘build desktop apps with JavaScript’ game. v12 updates from Node 12 to 14 (hello V8 8.9!) and to Chromium 89.

OpenJS Foundation and contributors

Redis 6.2 Now Available on RedisGreen — The new release includes several minor commands and new options, and is available to try for free on RedisGreen.

RedisGreen sponsor

Svelte NodeGUI: Build Cross Platform Apps with Node and Svelte — We first featured NodeGUI, a Qt5 based native cross-platform framework, in issue 302 back in 2019. It has since spawned React and Vue-powered variants and now one for Svelte. GitHub repo.

Jamie Birch, Atul R, et al.

A Guide to (Ethical) Scraping of Sites with Node and Puppeteer — For simple tasks, a basic HTTP client is enough, but for dynamic sites a headless browser is often needed and Puppeteer (or Playwright!) is ideal.

Andreas Altheimer

You Can Now Run Node.js 14 on Azure Functions — The Node.js 14 runtime for Azure Functions (Azure’s serverless platform) is now generally available.

Anthony Chu (Microsoft)

💻 Jobs

Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.


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📗 Tutorials and Stories

▶  Building a Fast Serverless API on AWS with Fastify & AWS Amplify — AWS Amplify is a framework of tools and clients that bring together other AWS services in an easier way and you can use it to create a Node-powered serverless API pretty quickly, as shown here. This is tight (ten minutes!) and well recorded.

Nader Dabit

Shipping Node at Netlify: Tools, Processes, and Automation — Netlify’s engineering team uses a diverse array of languages but Node.js is at the heart of several mission critical systems. This is a brief look at some of the internal ecosystem around keeping their projects under control.

Eduardo Bouças

Get Your Free SPOTcon 2021 Tickets Today — Join us March 26 for Scout APM's digital event on performance & observability. Speaker lineup and agenda now available.

SPOTcon by Scout APM sponsor

Powerful Caching with Redis for Node Apps — An exploration of some interesting nuances of Redis caching patterns and doing some benchmarking from Node.

Diogo Souza

Deploying a Node App to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Aditya Prakash

Debugging Memory Leaks in Node Apps on Heroku


🛠 Code and Tools

supported by Okta

Socket.IO 4.0.0 Released — The very long standing real-time, bidirectional communication system (with fallbacks for less capable clients) gets a major level upgrade due to some breaking changes in the API. The migration guide may be helpful if you’re a user.


fast-json-stringify: 2x Faster than JSON.stringify()? — It seems apt that Fastify made this library.


Upload, Manipulate & Optimize Images in Node.js with ImageKit.io

ImageKit.io sponsor

run-applescript: Run AppleScript and Get The Resulttell person “Sindre Sorhus” this could be useful thanks end tell :-)

Sindre Sorhus

Math.js 9.3: An Extensive Math Library for Node and Browser — Work with complex numbers, fractions, units, matrices, symbolic computation, etc.

Jos de Jong

OrbitDB: Peer to Peer Databases for the Decentralized Web — A serverless, distributed, peer-to-peer database that uses IPFS for storage and automatically syncs across peers. It’s limited to Node and browser use cases for now and here’s an introductory guide.

OrbitDB Community

Mongo Seeding: A Tool to Populate MongoDB Databases — Define data in JSON, JavaScript, or TypeScript then populate a database using a library, CLI tool, or Docker image. Aimed at testing or setting up initial state for an app.

Paweł Kosiec

Spectron 14: An Electron Testing Framework — If you’re working on Electron apps, Spectron is an official sanctioned framework for testing it built on top of ChromeDriver and WebdriverIO. This new v14 supports the new Electron 12. GitHub repo.

OpenJS Foundation