#382 — April 1, 2021

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Node Weekly

How to Migrate Your App from Express to Fastify — Simon Plenderleith demonstrates what makes Fastify a great alternative, and how to migrate an existing Node.js app from Express to Fastify. It must be the week for it, too, as Pawel Grzybek has written about the process of moving from Express to Fastify too, focused more on the why.

Simon Plenderleith

April 2021 Security Releases Coming Next Week — It’s time to get ready for more imminent security releases, this time to cover three ‘high’ severity issues in the 14.x, 12.x, and 10.x lines, and two high severity issues in 15.x. The releases are due on or shortly after next Tuesday and we’ll cover them in the next issue.

Daniel Bevenius

How to Model JSON to Get the Most Out of Your Document Database — Thinking about using a document database for your next project? The flexible data model is a major plus, but having so many options can be intimidating at first. This free virtual event will help you make all the right choices. Register here.

Couchbase sponsor

Middy 2.0: Node Middleware Engine for AWS Lambda — A popular way to simplify your code when building Node-powered serverless functions on AWS Lambda (think something like Express, but for this use case). The 2.0.0 release introduces some breaking changes (no more Node 10.x support), deprecates or refactors certain middleware, and adds new middleware for working with CloudWatch and S3 object responses.

Luciano Mammino

Node v15.13.0 (Current) Released — npm updated to 7.7.6 (which adds workspaces support to npm run and npm exec) and interesting to see btoa and atob implemented on buffer.

Ruy Adorno

Node v12.22.0 (LTS) Released — A handful of backports and fixes to the older LTS release with ES modules now stable, the legacy HTTP parser is deprecated, and an update to node-api 8.

Richard Lau

💻 Jobs

Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.


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📗 Tutorials and Stories

A Deep Dive into the Eleventy Static Site GeneratorEleventy (also known as 11ty) is an increasingly popular Node.js-based static site generator.

Smashing Magazine

Examples of Go(lang) Compared to Node.js — If you know Node and want to know Go, this Rosetta Stone (of sorts) may be of use to you. And if you ever go Go-side, we have a Go newsletter too! :-)

Miguel Mota

How the Popular netmask Package Was Vunerable to Octal Input Data — An interesting look at how a package used by thousands of other projects was vulnerable to IP addresses notated in octal. This is the sort of edge case you want to be aware of when building similar IP validation systems.

Sick Codes

Video: Configure NGINX as a Reverse Proxy with Node.js — Use NGINX as a reverse proxy to add a number of advanced load balancing, security, and acceleration features to Node.js.

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Managing Multiple Threads In Node — A look at how to potentially triple your Node app’s performance by managing multiple threads. There’s a video version of the post available too.

John Jardin

How To Deploy Your Node App on AWS with NGINX and SSL — Basic bread and butter stuff if you want to use AWS manually.

Shadid Haque

What's New in Mongoose 5.12: Populate Transform — MongoDB and Mongoose user? This is for you. Mongoose has added a feature that lets you register a function that Mongoose will call on every populated document, giving more fine-grained control over what the results of populate() look like.

Valeri Karpov

🛠 Code and Tools

eslint-plugin-clean-regex: ESLint Plugin for Better Regular Expressions — Catches things like redundant or non-functional patterns and can optimize character classes.

Michael Schmidt

Faker.js 5.5: Generate Realistic Fake Data in Node and Browser‘No more free work’ said the maintainer of Faker.js last year, but happily he’s back maintaining this library, has received some support, and he has a (paid) API service to help keep the lights on.

Marak Squires

Husky 6.0: Git Hooks Made Easierv6.0 returns the project to a MIT license (it was briefly for sponsors only, to help fund the project). It now has no dependencies, is more lightweight, adheres more to the Git philosophy, and plays better with npm 7 and Yarn 2.

Typicode et al.

See Your Microservices, Build Your Node.js Apps Faster

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Node Redis 3.1.0: A High Performance Redis Client Library — Improves Redis 6 support.

Node Redis

Prray: A 'Promisified' Array — A last minute submission from a reader (hi Ben!) that claims to be API compatible with the usual Array class but offers async versions of native methods like map and filter.

Ben Huang

Worker 0.10.0: A High Performance Node + Postgres Job Queue — If you’re using Postgres and you want to run background jobs from your Node app (including jobs generated by Postgres triggers or functions), this is one solution.