#​389 — May 20, 2021

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Adonis v5 Now Out of Preview plus a New Site and DocsAdonis is a full featured Node web framework which compares itself to Rails, Laravel and Django in terms of scope. v5 brings easier social authentication support and improved asset management, amongst other things. v4 is now considered a ‘legacy’ release.


Node v16.2.0 (Current) Released — One of the smaller minor releases with bug fixes and a few minor tweaks but no significant features as such (unless you want to set process.env.TZ on Windows, say) :-)

Michaël Zasso

Try Scout’s Leading-Edge Performance Monitoring for Free — Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues in minutes. See for yourself why Scout is a Node developers’s best friend with a free 14-day trial, no credit card needed.

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On Renaming N-API to Node-APINode-API, formerly N-API, is the API used when building native addons for Node and it has been renamed to avoid potential offence over N-API’s pronunciation.


Understanding Async Resources with Async Hooks“In this article, I will try to demonstrate and explain the life cycle of a typical asynchronous resource with the help of async_hooks module.”

Deepal Jayasekara

▶  Learn About Async Iterators with Luciano Mammino — Luciano Mammino co-wrote the book Node.js Design Patterns.

Kelvin Omereshone

Asynchronous APIs with DynamoDB Streams — AWS’s API Gateway can add data directly to a DynamoDB table and this can then be picked up by a Lambda function using DynamoDB streams. But why? It can be a lot faster for the client than calling the Lambda directly.

Vikas Solegaonkar

▶  Building Serverless Workflows in PipedreamPipedream is a service for building complex workflows easily by stitching together different steps into a process that can be run by HTTP, schedule, and more.

Raymond Camden

[Guide] The Truth About Developer Productivity Metrics — What you need to know to avoid weaponizing metrics for performance reviews, and use them to accelerate releases instead.

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▶  The Advanced Setup of Node-RED in Easy StepsNode-RED is a ‘low code’ programming environment built on top of Node that makes it easy to ‘wire up’ event flows in a visual way. It’s super easy to install, but what if you want to customize it for more advanced use cases? Want the next step? Here's how to use it.

Bleeding Code

The Node.js Application Maintainer Guide — Covers best practices for maintaining a Node.js app, including dependencies, versioning, and architecture generally.

Adrián Estrada

💻 Jobs

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🛠 Code and Tools

create-node-cli 1.6.0: CLI to Create New Node CLI Apps — If you work with React, you may have tried Create React App which creates a boilerplate React app to let you get coding ASAP - here’s the same idea for a CLI app.

Ahmad Awais

Clinic.js: An Open Source Node.js Performance Profiling Suite — This tool will diagnose issues in Node apps by means of probes used to collect metrics to assess the app and create recommendations. v9.0.0 just dropped.


Automate Code Standard Enforcement with Lightweight Static Analysis

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Prettier 2.3: The Opinionated Code Formatter — Not a huge release but a notable milestone is official support for formatting HTML templates written with Handlebars.

Georgii Dolzhykov

node-dns: A DNS Server and Client Implementation — Pure JavaScript with no dependencies.

Liu Song

tinyws: Tiny WebSocket Middleware for Node
v 1 r t l

geoyaml: Write or Parse GeoJSON as YAML
Lou Huang