#​397 — July 15, 2021

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Node Weekly

A TypeScript Express Starter App — A boilerplate app generator for getting a RESTful API up and running quickly. You can choose from sub-templates covering the basics, using Sequelize, Mongoose, TypeORM, Prisma, or Knex too.


Node v16.5.0 (Current) Released — The big change here is experimental support for the Web Streams API. You have to use stream/web to get it and you’ll get a warning, but it’s ready to play around with now. npm also goes up to v7.19.1, V8 gets a small bump, and lots of tiny tweaks and fixes.

Michaël Zasso

Uptime Monitoring Is Now Available in AppSignal — Uptime monitoring is the first line of defense against downtime. Ping your apps every minute from 4 locations around the world and receive alerts when something is down. Now you'll know about downtime before your users do.

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  • Type node.new into your location bar and you get directed to a StackBlitz sandbox for creating a simple Node app right in the browser. (The .new TLD is specifically designed to be used for 'shortcuts' for creating things.)

  • Next.js has passed 70,000 stars on GitHub. Congratulations to them. Here's their growth plotted against other popular projects.

Managing Node.js Docker Images in GitHub Packages with GitHub Actions — How to publish Node projects as Docker images and then push them to the GitHub Packages container registry.

Liran Tal

How Does Node Load Its Built-In/Native Modules? — How does Node locate and load its JavaScript powered internals, and how can you tinker around by editing such internals yourself?

Joyee Cheung

The Ultimate Guide to Cardinality for Observability

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Using Redis with Node.jsRedis is a popular data structure server commonly used for tasks like caching and message broking.

Ivaylo Gerchev

🛠 Code and Tools

Fuzzball: Fuzzy String Matching Library — To tackle those cases where what’s typed isn’t quite what’s indexed. There’s a neat tree-themed Web-based demo. GPL licensed.


The Official MongoDB Node.js Driver v4.0 — A significant update a year in the making which completes a migration to TypeScript and adds support for some features added in MongoDB 5.0. GitHub repo.

MongoDB, Inc.

Mock Service Worker: API Mocking Library for Browser and Node — Intercepts requests which you can then mock. Capture outgoing requests using an Express-like routing syntax, complete with parameters, wildcards, and regexes. GitHub repo.

Artem Zakharchenko

Build Video for Your Node App That Just Works

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new-tailwind-app: A Node-based CLI to Generate Boilerplate Code for Different Tailwind Apps — Like create-react-app, but for Tailwind. Start a plain Tailwind project or generate one with based on Next.js, React, Gatsby, or Vue, with Prettier integration.

Saad Irfan

fzstd: High Performance Zstandard Decompression in a Pure JS Package
Arjun Barrett

node-html-parser 4.1.0: Fast HTML Parser with Basic Element Query Support
Tao Qiufeng and ashi009

Johnny Five 2.1: A JavaScript Robotics and IoT Programming Framework
Rick Waldron

lily: A Simple Options Parser Inspired by yargs
Jakub T. Jankiewicz

💻 Jobs

Nodejs + Fintech + FullStack == You — Product Engineering Artists Seek Senior Level JS Devs Interested in Creator Economy Fintech Project.

Backend Engineer - Crypto Payments (Remote) — With over 7 million clients, Kraken is one of the world's largest, most successful bitcoin exchanges.

Find a Job Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.