#​399 — July 29, 2021

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Node Weekly

Running CPU-Bound Tasks in Node with Worker Threads — A thorough, practical introduction to using worker threads to get beyond Node’s naturally single-threaded nature.

Yarin Ronel

ws 8.0: Fast, Stable WebSocket Client and Server for Node — A major update for a mature project that passes industry standard tests for both its server and client abilities. v8.0 improves the developer experience in numerous ways and now uses an ES module wrapper.

Luigi Pinca et al.

Upload, Manipulate & Optimize Images in Node.js with Ease — Image Management in Node.js made simple with ImageKit.io. Deliver optimized image URLs from the backend to render pixel-perfect images on all devices. Learn to resize, crop, overlay & do much more with ImageKit's 50+ image manipulation options. Try now.

ImageKit.io sponsor

Using Google Drive as a CMS — An exploration of using Google Drive to store content for rendering out to a site by way of its API and Node.

Nathan Babcock

Simple Monorepos via npm Workspaces and TypeScript Project References — How to set up a simple monorepo for two npm packages using just what comes with npm and TypeScript.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

🏖 Microsoft Beachball: The 'Sunniest' Semantic Version Bumper? — This might just be my favorite name for a Microsoft project since Microsoft Bob. Beachball is meant to make “automating npm publishing a breeze” with changelog generation and zero config versioning. GitHub repo.


All You Need to Know About Netcat (nc) — This isn’t about Node specifically but if you’re on a POSIX-compliant OS you almost certainly have nc available and it’s well worth knowing how to use the “TCP/IP / networking Swiss army knife.”

Michael Ikua

The Definitive Guide to Feature Management

LaunchDarkly sponsor

🏆  How to Migrate Your App from Express to Fastify

Simon Plenderleith rerun

▶  Building a GraphQL Server in Next.js With Neo4j Aura and Vercel
William Lyon

🛠 Code and Tools

xmlbuilder2 3.0: An XML Builder Library — Convert JS objects into XML, parse and serialize XML documents, or create XML documents using chained function calls.

Ozgur Ozcitak

Globby 12.0: User-Friendly Glob Matching — Give it an array of globs and it returns an array of matching paths. It even supports negations and .gitignore.

Sindre Sorhus

Junk 4.0: Filter Out OS 'Junk' Files Like .DS_Store and thumbs.db — A handy addition to any code you have that’s reading through the filesystem.

Sindre Sorhus

Insight: A Module to Help You Understand How Your Tool Is Being Used — The idea here is that your tool can anonymous report usage metrics to Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica. Privacy issues abound here, so take care and be up front with your users if you use things like this.


Troubleshoot & Optimize Node App Performance with Datadog APM

Datadog APM sponsor

node-stream-zip 1.14.0: For Fast Reading of ZIP Archives — Reads chunk by chunk rather than all in one go so it’s memory friendly.

Dimitri Witkowski

Flan: A Tool to Save, Load and Share Postgres Snapshots — A Node.js powered tool that wraps pgdump and pgrestore then lets you share database dumps using git.

Houssam Haidar

ttf2woff: A TTF to WOFF Font Converter — There’s ttf2eot too if you need TTF to the less common Embedded OpenType instead.


c8 v7.8.0: Output Coverage Reports using Node's Built in Coverage — Code-coverage using Node.js’ built in functionality that’s compatible with Istanbul’s reporters.

Benjamin E. Coe

O-Stream: An Intuitive TypeScript Interface for Node Streams
Itay Ronen

💻 Jobs

Lead Full-Stack Software Engineer (USA) — Join a team of engineers and designers crafting digital products for companies such as HBO, adidas, Supercell, and Nokia.

Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on long-term projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.

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