#​418 — December 16, 2021

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Node Weekly

How To Write Shell Scripts in Node with Google's zxzx is a utility that makes it easier to write command line scripts based around Node. This tutorial covers the basics before going on to build a command-line tool that helps bootstrap configuration for new Node projects.

Simon Plenderleith

Node's New(ish) node: Protocol Imports — If you want to make it really clear that a built-in Node module is being imported (and not something with the same name or that’s in node_modules) this is a new approach (in all recent versions of Node for ESM import and v14.18+ and v16+ for import and require).

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

New Course: Stay Productive Across Multiple Machines, Projects, and Technologies — Enhance your developer productivity with this detailed course on setting up your professional toolchain, covering Ansible, Dotfiles, Terminals, tmux, Bash, and more.

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Create React App 5.0: The Popular 'One Command' React App Builder — Few projects in the React world have been as successful as Create React App which has brought single command app generation to the masses. v5.0 includes fast refresh improvements, support for Tailwind, and a lot of dependency updates including webpack 5, Jest 27 and ESLint 8. You’ll need to be running Node 14+ too.


Malicious npm Packages Are Now Stealing Discord Tokens — We’ve been hearing this year of compromised npm packages trying to steal people’s crypto wallet keys or to mine cryptocurrency, but JFrog researchers have now found 17 malicious packages trying to get hold of Discord chat account tokens(!)

Jonathan Greig

The Ultimate Guide to Cardinality for Observability

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What's New in npm 8?Two months ago we mentioned the launch of npm 8 with the subtitle of ‘but it’s not a huge deal.’ That’s why there weren’t (m)any blog posts about it, but Gabby’s made an attempt to explain what little there was.

Gabby T

How To Use Postgres with Node on Ubuntu 20.04 — DigitalOcean does a good job of funding the creation of straightforward walkthrough tutorials on various topics, and if you want to write Node code that talks to a Postgres database via the node-postgres package, this is a similar such effort covering every step.

Stanley Ulili

💻 Jobs

Remote Senior Backend Engineer — Come and help us build the future of work. We're a friendly team working on hard problems. Node, Hapi, Postgres, Elastic, Redis.

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🛠 Code & Tools

Got 12.0: A Powerful HTTP Request Library for Node — Got is a popular HTTP request library from Sindre Sorhus (plus many contributors too, of course). v12.0 is the first release in a fair while, it goes pure ESM, adds read timeout support, improves retry options, and includes a lot of bugfixes.

Sindre Sorhus

express-validator: Express.js Middleware for Validation & Sanitizing — For when you want to validate data using the validations provided by validator.js. GitHub repo.

Chris O'Hara

A Better, More Powerful Code Search, Built by Devs to Keep You in Flow

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NVM for Windows 1.1.9 Released — A Node.js version manager for Windows users which, despite the name, is a totally different thing to the better known nvm project. v1.1.9 is newsworthy as it’s code signed – thanks to Aaron Yong for sponsoring that.

Corey Butler

fnm: A Fast, Alternative Node.js Version Manager, Built in Rust
Gal Schlezinger

undici 4.12: A Modern HTTP/1.1 Client for Node
Matteo Collina and Undici contributors

envsafe: Avoid Accidentally Deploying Apps with Missing or Invalid Environment Variables
Alex Johansson

Fastify 3.25.0: The Fast and Low Overhead Web Framework