🇺🇦 #​432 — April 7, 2022

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Node Weekly

JavaScript and Node Testing Best Practices: 2022 Edition — Fifty best practices divided into categories (testing, backend, frontend, etc.) complete with simple examples. We first linked to this 2½ years ago, but a new edition is now out updated for 2022 standards and with translations in 7 other languages including Chinese, Spanish and French.

Yoni Goldberg

Debug Node Apps in Production Without Stopping Them — Rookout empowers teams to debug cloud-native apps by helping them access real-time data in any environment, including prod. Get to the root cause faster without recreate, redeploy, or stop the app. Try Rookout free and start debugging 5x faster.

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Locale Aware Sorting in JavaScript — When building a localized app, the default sorting logic for strings might not do quite what you want.. localeCompare and Intl.Collator to the rescue. Is this just for browsers? Nope. Node supports Intl too.

Elijah Manor

Node v12.22.12 (LTS) Released: It's the Final Node 12 👋 — A pleasantly gentle week for Node releases with just the final Node.js 12 release making the cut. Node 12 goes ‘end of life’ on April 30 and will receive no updates after then.

Richard Lau

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💻 Jobs

Back-End Developer (Node.js, Full-Time, Remote CET±3 Hours) — Help us improve the speed and reliability of back-end processes that drive automation for real estate agencies.

Senior Backend Engineer — We've built the next-generation CMS. We're open-source. JavaScript. Headless. Community & People first. And free. And will stay that way. Forever.

Find Tech Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

Basic Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in TypeScript — The author focuses on ‘three pillars’ of object-oriented programming in the TypeScript context: encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism (at a basic level).

Camilo Reyes

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▶  Using Google Cloud Run's 'Always-On' CPU Allocation for Background WorkCloud Run is Google's way to run containers in a serverless fashion, and Node is used to show off being able to run background jobs on it.

Wesley Chun (Google Cloud)

🛠 Code & Tools

JSZip 3.9: Create, Read and Edit .zip Archive Files — A simple and elegant API. The homepage is pretty cool as it has a live demo and a handy how-to. Or you can just go for the GitHub repo.

Stuart Knightley

ssh2-sftp-client 8.0: A Node.js Client for SSH2 SFTP — List files, download files, upload files - it’s all here. Note that this release has breaking changes.

Tim Cross

ioredis 5: A Performance Focused Redis Client for Node — Boasts support for Redis Cluster, Sentinel, pipelining, Lua scripting, pub/sub, etc, as well as ES6 types like Map and Set. If you’re already a user, the v4 to v5 transition does require an upgrade guide though.

Zihua Li

ini 3.0: An INI File Parser/SerializerINI is a text format that originated at Microsoft for formatting config files.

Isaac Z. Schlueter et al.

Retool Makes It 10x Faster to Build Custom Internal Tools for Any Company

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Instauto 9.0: An Instagram Bot / Automation Library — Uses Puppeteer to do the hard work. The focus here is on ease of use.

Mikael Finstad

cron-parser 4.3: Node Library for Parsing cron Rulescron is a commonly used mechanism on Unix-based systems for running recurring tasks and such tasks are defined in a very specific format. This package lets you parse this format for your own ends.

Harri Siirak

Nightwatch.js 2.1: Automated End-to-End Testing from Node — Write end-to-end tests in Node – uses the W3C WebDriver API to drive browsers. GitHub repo.

Nightwatch Team

The Official MongoDB Node.js Driver v4.5.0 — Supports a comment argument on operations so you can trace things better in Mongo’s logs.

MongoDB Inc.

AutoMapper 8.1: An Object-Object AutoMapper for TypeScriptGitHub repo.

Chau Tran

Kafka.js 1.16.0: A Modern Apache Kafka Client — Production ready and supports Kafka 0.10+. (Kafka is a popular open source system for working with stream-processing at scale.)

Túlio Ornelas

node-mssql 8.1: A Microsoft SQL Server Client for Node — Works cross-platform (Windows, Linux or macOS) and supports two different TDS drivers (pure JS and native).

Patrik Simek and contributors

isBinaryFile: Detects if a File is Binary or Text
Garen Torikian

pkg 5.6.0: Package Your Node Project Into an Executable

Fastify 3.28.0: The Fast and Low Overhead Web Framework