#​458 — October 13, 2022

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Node.js Weekly

njt: Quick Navigation to npm Package Resources — Provides a rapid way to jump to various destinations related to npm packages (such as a project’s homepage, repo, issues, or even a package cost estimation). You can install it for use in your terminal, as a Chrome or Firefox search, via VS Code’s command palette (via LaunchX) or you can even use it directly on the Web here. – GitHub repo.

Alexander Kachkaev

Knip: Find Unused Files, Dependencies and Exports in TypeScript Projects — Knip’s creator tells us it’s Dutch for “cut” which is quite appropriate as it’s a new tool for trimming away things that aren’t being used in your project. If you just want to compare it to similar existing tools, there’s a handy comparison chart.

Lars Kappert

Node Authentication, Simplified — In this article, we lay out a new approach to authentication (plus access control & SSO) in Node.js applications.

Userfront sponsor

Node v16.18.0 (LTS) Released — Largely backported fixes and tweaks – no big headlines here.

Juan José (Node Core Team)

How to Write CommonJS Exports That Can Be Name-Imported from ESM — If you’ve ever got tangled up between using CommonJS and ES modules (I sure have!) Dr. Axel clears up a key cross-compatibility concern here.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Adding Observability to Jest Tests — A look at how to get a bit more out of your Jest-based testing by keeping an eye on things.

Eliran Maman (Sprkl)

🔐  Node.js Authentication with Twilio Verify — If you’re happy using a third party service, bringing two-factor auth into your Express.js app needn’t be too hard. The author demonstrates the creation of a simple app that authenticates users using password-based authentication with an extra layer of OTPs (One-Time Passcodes) powered by Twilio’s Verify service.

Alexander Godwin

🛠 Code & Tools

IP Index: A Fast IP Lookup Web Service + Library — Returns blacklist status, detects VPN/hosting and shows geo and ASN info. The repo gets updated every day too.

Mykhailo Gorianskyi

cRonstrue: Library to Convert cron Expressions into Human Readable Form — Love the project name! The idea is given something like */10 * * * *, it will return “Every 10 minutes”. No dependencies.

Brady Holt

Dynaboard: The Pro-Code Web App Builder Made for Developers — Build high performance public and private web apps in a collaborative — code forward — WYSIWYG environment.

Dynaboard sponsor

Whoiser: A WHOIS Client for Node.js — Given a domain name, TLD, or IP address, it queries online WHOIS databases for info.

Andrei Igna

Print Ready: A JS-Powered CLI for Converting HTML Into PDFs — Uses Paged.js to render your HTML file inside Puppeteer, then exports a PDF from Puppeteer.

Nicholas C. Zakas

Check HTML Links: A Fast Checker for Broken Links/References in HTML — An npm package you can run on static pages to find broken links in href, src, and srcset, and can process 500-1000 documents in seconds.

Modern Web

human-signals: Human-Friendly Process Signal Info — Basically a JavaScript object that contains info about the various POSIX signals (SIGHUP, SIGINT, et al.)


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Flyweight: A Brand New ORM for SQLite — Early days but provides some extra abstraction around SQLite you might appreciate.
Andrew Jones

💻 Jobs

Full-Stack Engineer (NYC / Remote) — 100M+ devices, 100B+ API calls. Radar is looking for Product Engineers to build geospatial dev tools.

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