#​463 — November 17, 2022

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Node.js Weekly

Deno 1.28 Released (Now with 1.3 Million New Modules..?) — Yes, we know Deno isn’t Node (it is an anagram of it, though 😏) but given its shared provenance and now that Deno now officially supports using npm modules in a ‘stable’ way, this is newsworthy. If you are heavily attached to the npm ecosystem, experimenting with Deno is easier than ever (plus there’s no node_modules, package.json or npm install involved either..)

The Deno Team

Wes Bos has ▶️ a handy six-minute screencast walking through the new feature if you want to more quickly see it in action.

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Wireit: Upgrades Your npm Scripts to Make Them Smarter and More Efficient — Google seems keen to make Node tooling better (see zx) and so it goes with this mechanism for extending npm/pnpm/yarn to make existing scripts more efficient and support things like parallelism, cascades, result caching (essentially memoization for npm run!) and more.


Node v19.1.0 (Current) Released — Node’s new built-in node:test module now supports mocking during testing via a top-level mock object (example in post). fs.watch also gets recursive watching support on Linux. There’s no more ‘experimental feature’ warning for the Fetch API either 🎉

Rafael Gonzaga


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▶  Augmenting Node.js with WebAssembly — A 15-minute talk from NodeConf EU 2022 covering WebAssembly from the ground up, why it could matter to Node.js developers, plus a basic demo. A good, friendly primer.

Kassian Wren

🛠 Code & Tools

Nuxt 3.0: The Vue.js-Based Webapp Framework — Two years in the making, 3.0 is a rewrite of the Nuxt framework based on Vite, Vue 3, and Nitro (the server engine) with first-class TypeScript support. Node 14, 16, 18 and 19 are all supported, so if Vue is your thing, this could be the full stack approach for you.

Pooya Parsa

node-libcurl 3.0: libcurl Bindings for Nodelibcurl is a very powerful and established way to fetch data from URLs across numerous protocols (HTTP, IMAP, SCP, SFTP, LDAP, Gopher..)

Jonathan Cardoso Machado

ProtoClient: Typed gRPC Client with Static Code Generation — Give this tool .proto files and get back scaffolding in return.

Corey Hart

Hadmean: Generate Admin Apps in Seconds — While still in pre-release this no-code admin app generator built atop Next.js shows some promise and the demo feels fast.

Hadmean Team

BurstValve: In-Memory Queue for Async Processes in High Concurrency Code Paths — To help reduce the pressure at points of heavy load and thereby increase throughput.

Corey Hart

SDK for Embeddable Inbox and Toast

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