#​518 — January 23, 2024

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Node.js Weekly

Microsoft TypeSpec: A TypeScript-Inspired Way to Define APIs — A language for concisely describing cloud service APIs and generating other API description languages (e.g. OpenAPI), client and service code, docs, and more. Formerly known as CADL.GitHub repo.


Cryptography Fundamentals with the crypto Module — An introduction to some concepts of modern cryptography, and how to work with them in practical terms in Node using methods from the crypto module (which has rather intimidating-looking documentation otherwise).

Yonatan Mevorach

Effortless GraphQL with Hasura: TypeScript Included — Hasura connects to your data sources, generates a GraphQL API, and deploys it globally — instantly. But, what if you could also write and use TypesScript functions directly in your GraphQL API? With Hasura, you can. Check it out on GitHub.

Hasura sponsor

A 2024 Wishlist for Node's Test Runner — Node 20 introduced its own test runner, and while it was designed to be quite minimal, there are still improvements that could be had.

Colin J. Ihrig


Handling Environment Variables in Node — An in-depth guide to NODE_ENV, how to use Fastify secret management plugins, how to validate environment variables, and bringing Platformatic into the mix.

Matteo Collina

How to Use Google Cloud Shell Editor to Deploy from GitHub to Google Cloud Run — Google Cloud Shell Editor provides an interesting option for getting things done without leaving the browser.

Geshan Manandhar

▶  Is It Time to Switch from Docker to Podman?

Christian Lempa

🛠 Code & Tools

Shikiji: Shiki-Inspired Syntax Highlighter — A syntax highlighter based on TextMate grammars and that supports using typical modern editor themes. Fully tree-shakable ESM and runs on both the frontend and backend.

Pine Wu and Anthony Fu

Try a Lightning-Fast Pairing Tool Built with You in Mind — Tuple will change the way you think about pair programming. Try it with your team free for 14 days, no card required.

Tuple sponsor

Wiki.js: A Modern Wiki App Built on Node — A mature project packed with features and an ecosystem of modules to integrate with other systems. (Note that it’s AGPL licensed.) GitHub repo.


✂️ Knip V4: Find and Remove Unused Files and Dependencies — A popular tool for finding unused dependencies and exports in projects. v4 boasts up to an 80% boost in performance, the ability to work with Astro, MDX, Svelte and Vue files, plus there’s a sneak peek at a forthcoming new feature.

Lars Kappert

Pa11y: An Automated Web Page Accessibility Testing Tool — Something you can add into your build process, perhaps.


📰 Classifieds

🔄 Use Hookdeck’s reliable Event Gateway to receive, send, transform, filter, and route events in your event-driven applications. Learn more.

🐘 Learn how Epsio's Incremental Materialized Views boosts the performance of your most complex queries! Learn more.