#​538 — July 2, 2024

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Node.js Weekly

How We Tamed Node.js Event Loop Lag: A Deepdive — Node famously uses very few threads yet can handle a large number of clients performantly, as long as the work associated with each client is ‘small.’ When you get nested loops, as in this story, however, things can go off the rails quickly. Node’s Don’t Block the Event Loop is a great further guide to this topic.

Eric Allam

Create Server-Side GraphQL APIs with Next.js — Learn the GraphQL fundamentals in this video course with Scott Moss — covering type definitions, type modifiers, relationships, directives, and more. Create schemas, build queries, and use mutations to implement standard CRUD operations. Configure your server and add authentication so your API is production-ready.

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Node's July 2, 2024 Security Releases — New Node versions on the maintained 22.x, 20.x, and 18.x release lines are expected later today to address five different security vulnerabilities/issues.

The Node.js Project

📊 Profiling Node.js Applications — If you’re dealing with unusual performance issues, profiling your app can determine where the issues are arising. This tutorial offers a sample project to work on and covers profiling in a handful of different ways.

Stanley Ulili

How to Perform Data Validation in Node — Explores data validation in the Node backend, and shows us how to implement it in Express using the express-validator library.

Antonello Zanini

📄 Deploying AWS Lambda Functions with Serverless Framework and Node.js Marco Moauro

📄 Creating an npm package with CommonJS and ESM Support in TypeScript Waldek Mastykarz

📄 Beyond Monospace: The Search for the Perfect Coding Font Shamin and Turner (Evil Martians)

🛠 Code & Tools

SquirrellyJS 9: A Powerful Template Engine — A modern, configurable, and fast template engine promising “the power of Nunjucks” and “the simplicity of EJS”. There’s an online playground if you want to see it in action. GitHub repo.

Ben Gubler

Your Fastest Path to Production — Build, deploy, and scale your apps with unparalleled ease – from your first user to your billionth.

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fast-json-stringify 6.0: 2x Faster than JSON.stringify()? — Boasts being significantly faster than JSON.stringify() particularly for small payloads, with its performance advantage shrinking as your payload grows.


Dats 5.1: A Minimal Zero-Dependency statsd Client LibraryStatsD is a stats/metrics aggregation service originally developed at Etsy.

Immobiliare Labs