Node Weekly
April 2, 2015  #80
Mikeal Rogers
An update on the progress being made by the Linux Foundation, node.js, and io.js on a common open governance structure, and an invitation for you to comment on the plans.

David Mark Clements
Covers interactive debugging, debug logs, and reading stack traces.

The npm Blog
Sometimes you want to target a range of npm module versions that’s more complex than, say, ‘2.1.x’. To help work out what ranges will match what, the npm crew have built a handy tool.

Stormpath   Sponsor
Learn everything you need to secure your API for mobile consumption. Whether you’re building a REST API or a mobile app, you’ll learn the full OAuth workflow and how to work with JWTs in the mobile context.


First in a six part series of building a Node.js app using Azure, Mongo,, Bootstrap, and more.
Robert Schultz talks about Ancestry’s efforts at trying to scale Node use (from a managerial/organizational point of view) within its apps teams and the challenges they faced.

Node.js Blog
libuv upgraded to 1.4.2, npm upgraded to 2.7.4, and a wide array of bug fixes.


In Brief