Node Weekly
April 9, 2015  #81
Cylon is a popular JavaScript robotics framework that lets you control devices on (currently) 35 different platforms. With the 1.0 release, the creators are now defining the API as stable.

Heitor Tashiro Sergent
An explanation of what Docker is and why it might be useful to you, followed by a complete walkthrough of setting it up and running a Node app on a Docker container you’ll create.

Mailgun   Sponsor
Easy SMTP integration and a simple, RESTful API abstracts away the messy details of sending transactional or bulk email. Scale quickly, whether you need to send 10 or 10 million emails. Start sending email now with Mailgun.


Smashing Magazine
Elliot Bonneville presents a brief tutorial on using Node to build simple Web scrapers: first taking weather data from Weather Underground, then info from a Google search.

io.js Repository
The thread is now locked, but 4 days of intense discussion took place.

Sandstorm News
Not a full-on Heartbleed-style vulnerability but certainly a DoS opportunity, though the problem is in OS X rather than Node itself and other software is affected too.


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