Node Weekly
May 14, 2015  #86
The io.js Technical Committee has voted to join with the Node Foundation with a re-merger between the io.js and Node codebases expected to follow in due course. The official announcement was here.

The Npm Blog
A tutorial covering building a simple command line tool for deploying GitHub pages, particularly in the context of being a tool specific for your own team’s use.

Callum Gavin
As always with benchmarks, your mileage may vary.

Mailgun   Sponsor
Sending transactional emails is very important for engaging with your user base. In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to send transactional emails using the Mailgun API using a NodeJS helper library.


Node.js Blog
V8, libuv, and npm updates.

Microsoft has been working on a Node fork that can optionally use Microsoft’s own Chakra JavaScript engine on Windows 10 (which in turns allows it to run on Windows on ARM).

Jorge Bucaran
A tiny and well designed alternative to libraries like colors.js and Chalk. Example: console.log("hello") + chalk.inverse(" world") + "\n" + chalk.underline("!"));

Node.js Blog
TJ is standing down from his role as Node lead and has also left Joyent. The future is a foundation leading things rather than an individual.


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