Node Weekly
May 7, 2015  #85
Bryan English
‘reginabox’ provides an easy way to create an npm registry mirror on a local network and to also discover such mirrors on the current network. Could be ideal for conferences or other connectivity-troubled locations.

Rod Vagg
Rod Vagg reflects on Node’s bright future, even in the face of the current uncertainty posed by forks and committees, etc.
The pace of progress with the io.js Node fork continues unabated. io.js 2.0 introduces V8 4.2, npm 2.9.0, and a variety of minor tweaks and improvements.

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Daniel Li
A look at creating a simple webapp with Express, serving it up using NGINX, and keeping it all alive with pm2.

Rowan Manning
A flexible rate limiter you could use in many situations (not just webapps). Create a ‘pacer’ instance, create a token for the consumer, and then ‘consume’ until you hit the defined quota.

James M Snell
Work continues on looking at ways for io.js and Node to collaborate, potentially under a new Node Foundation Technical Steering Committee.


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