Node Weekly
June 11, 2015  #90
Includes ES6 features, simpler stream construction, Buffer#indexOf, module preloading, and more. A grab bag of new ideas and features.

Jovan Jovanovic
A thorough walkthrough and tutorial for LoopBack, an open source API framework built by StrongLoop. It’s built on top of Express and can build a fully functional end-to-end REST API from a data model definition.

Kev Zettler
Using a cascade of Vagrant shared directories, Docker volumes and cleverly placed symlinks, you can rig Vagrant and Docker to instantly reflect your local application code updates.

Modulus   Sponsor
Modulus is the easiest place to deploy your Node.js and MongoDB applications. The platform is built for developers, by developers. You can now run PHP and Java along side your Node.js too. Sign up and get started for free.


David Cahill
A developer shares his experiences of being thrown into a fast-paced Node, Seneca and Angular-based project for a client.

Gregory Fabry
Lets you create shared state among clients without server-side logic. It has two components: a Node back-end and a browser client library.

A (text) interview with Felipe Silva, development manager of the NYT’s video team.

An interesting interview about one of the Node communities best known members and the organizer of NodeConf and JSFest.


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