Node Weekly
June 18, 2015  #91
Rod Vagg
An excerpt from a white paper put together by NodeSource about Node’s suitability for enterprise-based development. (And the white paper itself is free to download.)

Linux Foundation
‘The Node and io.js developer communities are announcing a collaboration to merge their respective code bases and [..] work in a neutral forum, the Node.js Foundation, hosted by The Linux Foundation.’

Why does it matter if your React app’s markup can be rendered on both the client and the server and how can you do it?

Cloud66   Sponsor
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Alisson Cavalcante Agiani
RethinkDB is an interesting and new-ish database and it pairs well with Node’s non-blocking event-based ways. Alisson provides an example.

Paul Sauve
Quick summaries of Visual Studio Code, Brackets, Atom, Nodeclipse, and Sublime Text in the context of working with Node.

Bert Belder
Now that Node.js and io.js are merging together, how do things stand over picking one variant over another?

Leah Hunter
“The reasons to use Node.js for hardware are simple: it’s standardized, event driven, and has very high productivity.”


  • Full-Stack Engineer at Zaption (San Francisco, CA)
    Zaption is an education-technology company that makes interactive video tools for teachers. Solve real problems with Node, Knockout, and MongoDB. We're very small, mission-driven, venture-funded, and growing fast. Talk to us. Zaption
  • Top Node.js Freelancers Wanted (Telecommute)
    We only hire the absolute top-tier Node.js developers and if you survive our ultra-screening™ process, the projects overfloweth. (Must read, write speak English extremely well.) Toptal

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