Node Weekly
July 23, 2015  #96
The NODE_ENV environment variable can be used to set whether an Express should run in a production, development, or test environment. This can have performance implications. The TLDR is “never ever run Express in production without NODE_ENV set accordingly.”

Sahat Yalkabov
An epic (it’s billed as a ‘97 minute read’) tutorial bringing together Node, MongoDB, Socket.IO and React + Flux to build a useful app, and ultimately deploying it on Heroku.

Stephan Ahlf
Brings the power of JavaScript debugging within Chrome’s Developer Tools out to Node. There’s a video if you want to see it in action.

Appcelerator Platform   Sponsor
Appcelerator Arrow lets you unlock backend data for mobile apps — no code, no infrastructure required. Watch how.

Appcelerator Platform

Patrick Catanzariti
NodeBots are physical robotic devices that can be controlled via or using Node.js. As ‘International NodeBots Day’ is this Saturday, maybe it’s time to have a play?

Telerik Developer Network
Raymond Camden walks through how he built a proof-of-concept app that offers a dynamic CMS built with Node.js that generates a static site for deployment.

Mate Marschalko
A quick look at how a gamepad was wired up to control a remote control car via the HTML5 Gamepad API, Node, and an Arduino device.


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