Node Weekly
July 30, 2015  #97
Vantage provides a distributed, interactive command-line interface to your live Node apps. It includes a basic firewall and authentication strategies for production use.

A few tips from a (very) prolific module creator.

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Jowanza's World
Datalib provides a simple API for doing basic data analysis and manipulation from CSV, TSV, DSV, JSON, TopoJSON and Treejson among other formats.

Moritz Klack
These library names are only getting weirder :-) Dogwater brings the Waterline ORM to Hapi, and Bedwetter auto-generates RESTful CRUDdy route handlers.

Gergely Nemeth
Graffiti transforms your existing models into a GraphQL schema.

Russell Taylor
A quick tutorial bringing together Express, an Instagram library, and a service called Lob to create a webapp that will print and mail a chosen Instagram photo.


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