Node Weekly
August 13, 2015  #99
Jonathon Kresner
AirPair CEO Jonathon Kresner got stuck getting things working using the PassportJS authentication system with Express, so he’s written up exactly how to make it work first time.

Node will still be called ‘Node’ but this step means Node’s repo is now based off of the io.js source code. The README hasn’t been updated to reflect this yet, however.

A look at how to run Express applications on mobile devices via Cordova using the JXCore project.

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A primer to classes in ES6/JavaScript 2015 starting from how you’d mimic their abilities in ES5.

Titus Wormer
It’s not just a Markdown to HTML compiler but can also generate and reformat, and be extended by plugins. Fully test covered too.

Christoph Wagner
A look at how a developer rigged up a quick Node script to automatically push images to a Web service for processing.


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