Node Weekly
August 20, 2015  #100
Mikeal Rogers
As part of the convergence of Node and io.js, Node 4 will contain all the improvements made in io.js as well as features from Node 0.12.

Nothing too advanced: Switch to production mode, enable gzip, remove unnecessary middleware, use a simpler template engine & use caching.

Byte Archer
A primer on semantic versioning, how it relates to npm, and how the ^ prefix allows any newer minor or patch level version of a dependency.

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Ionică Bizău
I’d be amazed if anyone finds a valuable, production use for this, but if calling 1959’s best programming language sounds like fun, give it a go.

Kristian Poslek
A detailed walkthrough of building a ‘sound machine’ desktop app.

Benjamin Gruenbaum
A quick tour of io.js, what it brought to the table, and what the process of contributing code to it involves.

David Walsh
Nock is a module that intercepts requests and lets you respond to them as you wish, including sending back custom response codes and payloads.

Willi Thiel
Ties together Node, MongoDB, WebSockets, HTML5, and more to make it possible to control your home devices from any device.


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