Node Weekly
August 27, 2015  #101
The Npm Blog
“Run scripts help summarise common tasks within your project, and pre- and post-run scripts can order those tasks in a more friendly manner. Try adding one to the next package.json file you find yourself editing.”

Chris Dias
A complete from-scratch walkthrough of the process of using Docker to containerize Node apps and then push them up to Docker Hub. It also shows how to run such apps on Azure.

Joao Parreira
A 45 minute talk which culminates in 7 hard learnt lessons about scaling Node in production. Video.

Stormpath   Sponsor
Single Page and mobile webapps present a unique set of security “challenges”. Let’s talk about out how to avoid the XSS, MitM, CSRF, and authentication pitfalls!


Sam Agnew
A look at using Twilio from Node (via an Express app) to make and receive phone calls and play music over the line.

Tomomi Imura
Written in Node.js with Johnny-Five and Kittydar for cat facial detection.

Eric Hartsuyker
Run node-deb over your app and get a .deb file that can be installed with apt-get, an upstart init script, Unix user and group creation, and more.


  • Full-Stack Engineer at VTS (New York, NY)
    We’re looking to grow our engineering team beyond 20 as we redefine antiquated software in commercial real estate. If building out new products and setting the foundation for a more efficient system sounds appealing to you, we should talk. (AngularJS/Rails) VTS.COM
  • JavaScript BadA** Warlord wanted for (Austin,TX)
    We eat a ton of tacos, work on a product used DAILY by 35,000,000 people and are changing the world. You get to be your own CEO, have stupidly awesome perks (in house: haircuts, massage and bar in the office), and work on a profitable and quickly growing product, If you are one of the best, apply.

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