Node Weekly
September 3, 2015  #102
Shivani Negi
A simple and straightforward tutorial on building a simple Slack bot (or, rather, taking a simple pre-built one you can tweak) and deploying it to Heroku so it can live on your company’s Slack channels.

There are so many Node modules that hearing which ones other people are enjoying (and why) is always useful, in my experience.

Alex Hortin
A library that lets you use Amazon’s Dash buttons to trigger events in Node apps instead of ordering washing powder or diapers.

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Frontend Masters

John Titus
“Amazon’s API Gateway lets you run a webapp without having to create and scale your own web server cluster. Instead, you define endpoints in the API Gateway that point to AWS Lambda functions.”

Charlie Hess
If you’re not already wasting enough time on Slack at work, this bot could help. Or just analyze the code for building your own bots.

Rod Vagg
Work on improving Node on ARM-based platforms is ongoing. Rod Vagg covers all the details here. This will only become more important as things like Scaleway catch on.


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