Node Weekly
October 8, 2015  #107
Last week we mentioned a key security release of Node 4 would be dropping on Monday - it did, so if you’re on 4.x and still not upgraded, do so now. It resolves a critical DoS bug.

Marcus Gartner
Supporting PDF, PNG & JPEGs, it reads as little of a file as possible to work out its dimensions, and supports callback and promise usage.

Imgix   Sponsor
Resize, crop, and process images in real-time with Imgix all by simply changing the URL. Deliver transformed images quickly with a built-in, global CDN. Integrate easily with the Imgix NodeJS library. Start serving images in less than 10 minutes.


Quick, high level looks at Bookshelf.js, Sequelize, and Lovefield.

eBay Dev Blog
A developer at an eBay-owned German car marketplace shares how they built a Node app within 9 weeks that now serves 11m visitors a month.

Channel 9
A 25 minute video walking through creating a simple Node app and deploying it on Microsoft’s Azure.

Taylor Lovett
Covers setting up containerized unit testing for Node apps to ensure your software works across a wide variety of platforms.

Bruno Mota and José Magalhães
Component based content management, including a live page binding, dynamic data support, and more.


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