Node Weekly
October 15, 2015  #108
Node.js Foundation
The first release with Long Term Support (LTS) with updates for at least 30 months. To recognize this, it’s been given the name ‘Argon’. Node 4.2.1 followed quickly thereafter with a couple of fixes.

Gergely Nemeth
Go through a variety of security checks and considerations before deploying your app. Most aren’t Node specific but some Node-based tools and approaches are shared.

Cloud 66   Sponsor
Everything you need to build, deploy and manage Docker in production on your own servers and any cloud. Watch Cloud 66 video here.

Cloud 66

The npm Blog
A tutorial bringing together a variety of tools to create a system that will hunt down pictures of wombats and send them to you by email.

A framework for building immersive CLI apps/consoles based around an interactive prompt provided by inquirer.js.

Bye bye boilerplate if you want to build Node apps using the Couchbase document database (of which, a major new version is now out.)

A framework for apps that run entirely within Lambda, SQS, and similar AWS services so you’re not running or configuring any hardware at all.

Jasim Muhammed
A complete step by step walkthrough of building a simple desktop app using GitHub’s Electron project.


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