Node Weekly
October 22, 2015  #109
Node community manager Mikeal Rogers says the foundation is considering an iteration on the official Node logo. Get involved here. There are tons of great ideas already.

Brandon Mayes
Considerations if you want your Node processes to stay up and running for the long haul.

Nic Raboy
A start to finish tutorial of bringing together Node, the Couchbase database system, Angular, and Express.

RedisGreen   Sponsor
Ever wonder what your Redis server was actually doing? Find out with RedisGreen's dashboard and monitoring tools.


Node.js Foundation
Some of the first sessions from the forthcoming Node.js Interactive conference have been unveiled.

David Washington
Tutorial of building a basic chess game backed by a Node server.

Glenn Jones
Scaleway is an interesting provider of ultra cheap dedicated ARM servers, and since Node now runs well on ARM this could be a great way to play with Node in the cloud.

Jonathan Krause
A German division of eBay has been refactoring its legacy apps into Node-powered microservices. Here, they share some things they’ve learnt along the way.


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