Node Weekly
October 29, 2015  #110
Once known as solely an ES6-to-ES5 compiler, Babel is now a plugin-based general JavaScript tooling platform.

Geoff Greer
A look at what happened when some developers were encountering a bug that wasn’t in their code, but within Node itself.

At OSCON this week, Douglas Crockford (JavaScript: The Good Parts) unveiled Seif, an open source project from PayPal bringing enhanced encryption to Node to fuel an HTML-free JS-based app delivery system built on Node and Qt.

Imgix   Sponsor
With imgix, integrating responsive images into your app could not be easier. imgix resizes, crops, and processes images on demand and has a robust npm package to make integration easy. Learn how to start delivering responsive images in less than 30 minutes.


A quick case study of using Node to build and package a desktop app. electron-builder looks like a particularly handy tool.

Sasha Aickin
“Streams make this library as much as 47% faster in sending down a full page than ReactDOM.renderToString”

Node Knockout
A 48 hour online hackathon (similar to Rails Rumble or Ludum Dare). 35 spots remain if you want to register.

Unfortunately it’s coming out a bit late for us, but if you want to be ahead of the game on Node 5.0.0, it’s due in a few hours.

Radek Pazdera
A look at performing some basic git actions using the nodegit library.

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