Node Weekly
November 5, 2015  #111
Node Foundation
5.x is not an LTS release and will only be supported for 8 months, whereas 4.x and a forthcoming 6.x will be supported for 30 months after release. So stay on 4.2 if stability is key, but upgrade to 5 if you want the latest features (like the spread operator or npm 3.x, in this case).

Node Foundation
More information on what Node v5 represents versus the v4 LTS release, as alluded to above.

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Frontend Masters

Sindre Sorhus
Runs tests concurrently to take advantage of Node’s async nature. Supports ES6, promises, generators, and more.

An Express-based app that lets you subscribe to a certain hashtag and then shows the latest Instagram photo with that tag.

Node Foundation
A LTS maintenance release that fixes a variety of issues.

Jia Hao
Aims to abstract many of the simple functions one would use while testing or scraping a page.


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