Node Weekly
January 28, 2016  #122
People are discovering that npm’s progress bar is slowing down overall module installation times quite significantly. A fix is in the works.

Rod Vagg
The vulnerabilities are not yet disclosed. Node releases based on updated versions of OpenSSL will arrive around February 1.

Zell Liew
A very comprehensive walkthrough of building a simple webapp with Express.

Rising Stack   Sponsor
Read our 17-page long whitepaper on how Node.js can solve common challenges in engineering teams and how to enable Node.js in an enterprise environment to ship better products faster.

Rising Stack

Provides a connection to a WordPress MySQL database using Sequelize and provides a standard set of queries to use with GraphQL. The aim is to provide a better development experience for WordPress using JavaScript instead of PHP.

Allows you to listen to all kinds of GitHub events and execute functions on your server.

Richard Rodger
Seneca’s job is to make writing microservices with Node easier. This article goes into quite some depth.


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