Node Weekly
February 4, 2016  #123
Rod Vagg
Upon assessing the impact of the vulnerabilities in OpenSSL, the Node team has reduced the urgency of the updates and are focusing on a release around February 9th to include some other issues.

Alex Booker
A quick walkthrough of publishing transpiled ES6 modules that will work in almost any JavaScript environment.

Sahat Yalkabov
A feature-packed skeleton to get you started quickly. Builds on MongoDB, Express & Bootstrap. Comes with auth, account management, API examples, etc.

Coderpower   Sponsor
6 weeks, 6 challenges and a €1000 prizepool to manipulate the IBM Bluemix SDK in the Bluemix Node.js Battle. Join now and battle immediately to show the enemy your Node.js skills.


Ferenc Hámori
A look at what developers say about using Node in the enterprise, why they chose it and how it improved their teams and products.

Newsworthy as the ‘progress bar slowness’ issue has been resolved and git submodule support has been added. 3.7.1 is also out.

The Node.js Foundation
“It does not replace or supersede the callback API, which will continue to be the canonical Node interface.”


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