Node Weekly
February 11, 2016  #124
Rod Vagg
These releases fix some OpenSSL and HTTP related vulnerabilities. Node 4.2.x users are advised to upgrade to 4.3.0 ASAP.

Evan Tahler
An easy-to-use toolkit for making reusable, scalable multi-transport APIs that support clustering, delayed tasks, and zero-downtime deploys.

Node.js Foundation
The increasingly important Express.js project is being brought into the Node.js Foundation.

Frontend Masters   Sponsor
With v2, Ember is more performant and complete than ever. In this course we’ll build a rich cross-device app together step-by-step from scratch.

Frontend Masters

Betable Engineering
mdb_v8 produces core dumps of running Node processes so you can inspect your app’s memory without any instrumentation. This is a great introduction to doing it for yourself.

Gergely Nemeth
RisingStack has released some Alpine-based Node Docker images that promise to remain maintained and are compact.

Austen Collins
A look at a framework that uses AWS Lambda to run your code in the cloud server-free. It lets you share code across functions, helps with deployment, and even run functions locally by emulating the AWS Lambda environment.


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