Node Weekly
February 18, 2016  #125
Wern Ancheta
Thorough tutorial on building an app that uses Google Calendar to get appointments and then sends text message reminders via Twilio.

A scaffolding tool which makes it easy to build isomorphic apps using Mongo, Express, React and Node.

Alex Hultman
A libwebsockets wrapper for Node that exposes an easy to use interface, is very efficient, and can scale to millions of connections.

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In this free webinar, Codeship co-founders Florian Motlik and Manuel Weiss will demonstrate how Codeship's new Docker platform for Continuous Integration and Delivery lets you use your existing Dockerfiles and images on any registry.


Supports several providers out of the box (including the European Central Bank for Euro, Google Finance, and Yahoo Finance).

Jade is a popular and elegant templating engine, often used for server-side templating in Node apps. This is a handy primer.

Steve Papadopoulos
Boasts very simple setup: git clone, npm install, edit some settings, and it’s all ready to go. Not new but recently updated.


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